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Chess NFT :Chess online, launches NFT Marketplace

Chess NFT

If you are chess lover or collector or investor you may find Chess NFT interesting which is not limited to

  • Treasure Chess is an app that lets you create, collect, and trade games of chess by saving them as Treasures (a type of digital item you own).
  • Every game played on can become a souvenir in the form of a treasure chest.The treasure chest has special attributes, achievements, and a level. Treasures can be bought and sold in our Marketplace as chess NFT
  • All you need is a account. announces a chess-themed NFT Marketplace for asset creators to list their chess NFT and for sport enthusiasts to discover and acquire valuable non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that ties directly into their gaming experience. What can be on the market? A growing number of cryptogames with native assets in the form of Chess NFTs.

Wyre, a leading cryptocurrency compliance infrastructure provider, is announcing a new marketplace that it has developed in collaboration with, a well-known news and social networking website that is dedicated to the game of chess. The companies have merged to create an ecosystem geared toward converting gaming into an online experience charged by crypto tokens at the intersection of blockchain technology and gaming known as Treasure Chess (

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How to Convert Chess Game into NFT & how it works?

Now, with the Wyre platform, users can securely buy and sell NFTs up front and avoid having to buy cryptocurrency first. Additionally, users earn crypto for selling their NFTs on the marketplace without needing to own a wallet or understand metamaskas beforehand. Treasure Chess provides an Ethereum Address for users that sign in through a Chess Cube login!

With blockchain-based NFTs, it’s possible to securely keep ownership data on the blockchain – even when the game is gone. Because of this, Treasure Chess takes advantage of digital scarcity by making all chess sets permanently associated with an owner that can never be changed or taken away. Even better, these sets will require smaller amounts of energy to access than playing a game online NFT marketplace how it works?Chess NFT

Chess NFTs

Treasure Chess is a fun way for chess fans to freely trade their collectable chess pieces. All of the elements of this platform are based on the Polygon blockchain which gives it the added advantage of being decentralized.

Essentially, Treasures are game cards that include information such as the player’s username, rating, match records, and achievements. Achievements are basically the top three features a user has achieved during a game of chess on our website, which are given points based on their difficulty to achieve.

All players have the option to opt-in to Treasure Chess and create Treasures. Every player can mint a single game two times. Moreover, their first three Treasures are free to mint. After that, it will cost $5 to mint a Treasure.

In addition, creators will receive 100% of the proceeds from the first sale and if it were to happen again, they would get 95% of the proceeds. If you sell a Treasure, you would get 90% of the sales value and if it were to ever be sold again, the original player would receive 5% royalties.

About in 2022

Chess NFTs
  • hosts more than 10 million chess games every day
  • employs more than 200 virtual staff members who live all around the world!
  • supports more than 50 world class chess players, coaches, and professionals by paying them to create awesome content which is accessible and easily searchable worldwide.
  • According to similar web gets 139 Millions visitors per month

Playing chess online for free on with over 100+ million members from around the world. One can play with friends or opponent or can challenge the computer. app:- This is an excellent chess application for beginners, intermediate and advanced players alike! The app allows its users to play against others from around the world. can be enjoyed on your computer, but there are also mobile apps for iOS and Android that you can use to follow the action as it unfolds. Plans

Chess NFTs plans

On you get to choose your level of membership, the premium plan or the free one. Just make sure you know what you want. Get the premium plan if you’re serious about improving your game and using the training tools because they are incredibly useful. The free plan is ideal for those who just want to play games with friends or take part in fun tournaments like blitz and pool from time to Plans

Affiliate Disclosure:-Some link maybe affiliate links,if you buys from our link you will help us to keep this blog running. Further it no cost to you. analysis

One common mistake that is often made by players of all ages is to never stop playing and working on improving your game. If you want to get better at chess, then you need to realize when we say ‘get better’ we mean improve in your own way – reinvent yourself if you have to! The best tool I’ve come across for Chess enthusiasts like myself is the Game Analysis tool. It makes looking over my games not only fast, but more importantly easy! offers Collectibles has official shops and if your crazy about game of Chess or you are collector by heart you can check Collectible offer by Here


Which is NFT marketplace? is official website of NFT marketplace.Treasure Chess is an app that lets you save, collect, and trade games of chess by saving them as Treasures.

What are other Chess NFTs around?

Chess24nft:-The Chess Champions initiative is a revolutionary open-ended game system that allows chess players to record their matches and create them as memorable moments in time.

Opensea chess nft:-The original NFT Chess collection available on Opensea! Each piece is a unique NFT representation from NFT_Chess, the original in NFT Chess.

King of Chess NFT:-
King of Chess is the world’s first digital artwork production collection on the blockchain. It started from a simple idea: what if we could pack all our artwork onto one token?

Does have app? app is available on IOS & android platform and also it run on web browser

Which is Best online chess app?
Chess Clock.
Dr. Wolf.
are few online chess app


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