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20 Ways to Make Money in Metaverse

Make money in metaverse

You may wonder how to Make Money in Metaverse?Metaverse is going to be a new Gold mine. It is also called as successor of the internet. We are already witnessing a gold rush in the metaverse. Many tech companies are already in the race to build the metaverse even Facebook has changed its name to META and focusing on the metaverse. We are witnessing NFT being sold billions of dollars. Metaverse is not limited to only tech companies or big bulls. Metaverse is for everyone. You might wonder how to make money in Metaverse?. Let’s check-in money-making opportunities in the metaverse. From taking on a virtual world job to creating various forms of art and entertainment, there are several methods for generating and exchanging value for real-world benefits because of your experience in the metaverse. And it’s likely simpler than you imagine, too. So here are 20 ways you can make profits along with risk-o-meter

1-5 Make Money in Metaverse – (with Low or no Risk -You can start at FREE or very less investment.)

6-20 Make money in Metaverse online opportunities -(With High-Risk High Returns)

Let us discuss these 20 ways to Make money with metaverse

1)How to make money in Metaverse as NFT Creator and Seller:-

How to make money in Metaverse
NFT creation

One of the best simplest and even most lucrative ways to earn money in the metaverse is to create NFT and sell on NFT Marketplace. If you love the art NFT is the most lucrative way to sell one art as a non-fungible token. Why NFT creation is worthy of creating

Beeple-Everyday-The first 5000 days was sold for $63.5 million

Beeple-Human One-$ 29 Million

Cryptopunk $ 10 Million

You might be wondering why the piece of art or JPEG why people are insanely throwing their money at NFT. Answer is

FIRSTLY it is non-fungible and it cannot be broken or second

SECONDLY Rarity of ART, the rarer is an art more costly is the price just like any antique article value depends on the rarity.

THIRDLY as Investment, many investors are making investments so they can sell at a higher price at right time.

You can create NFT easily using


b)8 bit painter app

c)NFT Art maker

Apart from creating NFT, You need to develop your social presence particularly on discord groups and other social media in order to get recognition in the metaverse and NFT world.

2)How to make money in Metaverse by providing Freelancer Services :-

How to make money in Metaverse by providing Freelancer Services
Freelance work in Metaverse

Once you learn how to create NFT you can list your NFT creation service at platforms like, Fiverr,, Upwork or any other freelancer platform where people around the globe are looking is looking for your services. Here you are the only creator of NFT selling your services. As there is a huge craze for NFT there is a big demand for NFT creators and here is your opportunity to make money from today itself. This is the most genuine and safest method to earn money with your work.

Steps one:-Register on Freelance Marketplace

Step Two:-Create gig or portfolio regarding NFT, Metaverse the services you want to offer.

Step Three:-Optimise your profile by SEO & share it on social Media

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Best NFT creation apps for ios

NFT Affiliate programs

3)Metaverse Influencer:-

If you are still wondering how to make money in the metaverse, metaverse influencer is the answer. As an influencer, there are many opportunities. You can build an Instagram page around NFT, there is a huge craze of NFT around the globe. You can build a targeted audience grow your page and you can sell your NFT through the marketplace, other products, even you accept sponsorship, the creator will be looking at potential pages for selling their NFT. Optimise your profile, use relevant 15-20 hashtags, create Reels and be consistent. Similarly, you can create youtube channel videos around NFT & Metaverse you can earn through Adsense and even you can do affiliate marketing you can make youtube shorts. Again when the metaverse progress there will be plenty of other opportunities that will arise in future.

4)Metaverse Affiliate Marketing:-

Affiliate Marketing is the way to go in the Metaverse world. Yes, there are plenty of Affiliate marketing programs you can join and make money today. You can focus on VR headsets, Software in the metaverse, you can join NFT Affiliate Marketing programs, or even do Fiverr affiliate or Fiverr CPA by joining Fiverr and promoting service gigs around NFT & Metaverse and make money in metaverse from today.

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5)Sell your NFT & Metaverse Courses at Udemy

Sell your NFT & Metaverse Courses at Udemy
Sell your NFT & Metaverse Courses at Udemy

One can create a course around how to create and sell NFT , How to make money in Metaverse?, Metaverse marketing or any topic around and by listing the course and selling it on the platform where there is a large audience is a way to go, according to similar web is having 104 Millions of traffic and if we type metaverse on udemy portal we can see only around 150 listing results it means there is a lot of potentials for us to create a course and to sell it at

6) Investment in Metaverse stocks & ETF’s

One way to make money is to invest in stocks of companies that are working on metaverse projects, one should do proper research and, apply their mind while selecting the stock as an investment, one can buy stock of Meta, Roblox, Microsoft or others and hold it for 5 to 10 years to make money through stock investment, similar you can do research to find ETFs and make money in metaverse over a period of time.

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7)How to make money in metaverse with Metaverse Properties|Virtual Land investment?

Make money with the metaverse land
Make money with metaverse land

One of the craziest investments nowadays is to invest in metaverse land, many companies are in a race to acquire a piece of land on the platforms like Decentraland, sandbox, Axie Infinity. Companies are building their headquarter in metaverse so that employees can work in future in the virtual offices.

  • A tech company seoul Digital foundation is opening digital headquarter in metaverse –Refrernce Forbes
  • Accounting firm Price water cooper, prager metis has accquired land in metaverse-Refrence Wall street Journal

8) Virtual land Realestate Flipping

Real estate flipping is the act of purchasing real estate with the intention of turning it over for a quick profit. Real estate investors use the procedure of flipping real property to make a profit. This is another way to make money with metaverse properties

9)Metaverse Real estate broker opportunities

The requirement for real-estate organizations is predominantly out of demand for selling buildings, and the subsequent need to help a buyer purchase commercial land. You could make exclusive payouts by connecting buyers and sellers, or merely giving out real estate guidance.

10)Renting Property in Metaverse

Do not be deceived: Like in actual life, you can buy a plot of land, build a house, or another type of real estate, and then rent it out. You could also use your property for advertising and marketing and make money through it

11)Metaverse Property Designer

One can act as a metaverse property designer who is having knowledge of blockchain, designing as the metaverse progress the demand for land and designer will be high one can do freelance work or even we can see many jobs in this domain.

12)Metaverse Advertising

Businesses are entering the metaverse to set up their virtual presence and use it as a significant advertising platform. Much like the real world, brands can open virtual storefronts in virtual malls, sell merchandise across various virtual platforms, including lease, and sell virtual reality ads.

13)Metaverse shopping in Stores & Malls

H and M metaverse store and mall

Metaverse will change the way we shop thus opening the stores and malls just like real-world will fetch you a good amount of business in the future big brands like GUCCI,H &M,Adidas,Nike and others are already in process of building stores in the metaverse

14)Travel & Tourism in Metaverse

In the wake of the national and international lockdown that has occurred because of the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of people are searching for entertainment having internet access. The virtual travel industry is only in its infancy, but through virtual exploring, it’s possible to make meaningful fun experiences. With Metaverse you can travel around the world with your avatar even you can travel in past or in future.So you can make money with tourism by working in metaverse tourism industry which will evolve as metaverse progress.

15)Metaverse & Ecommerce:-

Metaverse will change the face of eCommerce we need not have look at listing photos and descriptions instead we will be present on the floor of the shop and can check and try products with our avatar and then decide to buy and as an e-commerce seller will be delivered it to us in the real world. It will literally change the way we shop. Opening a shop or store will be a great option to earn money in the metaverse.

16)Metaverse Events:-

Metaverse Events

Building a Metaverse Events venue on virtual plots will be a great business for the future as metaverse progress it will generate a great income from those events. currently, stageverse is a leading platform where these virtual events are happening. As metaverse progress, we can see more reforms in technology and such kind of platforms.

17)NFT Trading:-

Buying NFT at the right price and selling NFT at a higher price in a shorter time is NFT trading, although it is a risky activity unless proper research is done. People are obtaining these NFT according to rarity,NFT drop, and trade it for higher price and make money from it.

18) Metaverse Testers

As more products enter the metaverse, the need for users who can test them and provide feedback will increase. With such a vast array of industries and businesses that are set to enter the digital universe, the possibilities to side effect with digital things are infinite.

19)Metaverse Education

Inside Metaverse Education

We have already experienced in pandemic students around the world were locked in homes and their physical schools or colleges were completely shutdown. Metaverse could help in this regard in fact we can see many educational centres coming up in the metaverse in future. School and colleges education can be possible through metaverse avatars attending the classes on the floor.

20)Metaverse Jobs,Business

Facebook (Meta) is already announced 10000 jobs around metaverse, similarly, Microsoft and other companies entering into the metaverse world will require human resources in future whether it is for building metaverse, Marketing in Metaverse, Legal Jobs in Metaverse, Blockchain Jobs Finance jobs in Metaverse, Insurance Jobs in Metaverse or other and gradually we will enter into metaverse economy as parallel to the real economy.

The bottom line is there are plenty of opportunities to make money with metaverse many of the options are available right now other will emerge as metaverse progress. If you plan properly, invest your time, the money you can make money as you make it in any other real options


How to make Money in Metaverse?

One can make money with metaverse with, freelance service, NFT, investments in stock, investment in virtual land, renting of metaverse land, flipping of metaverse land, you can check out this articles which will provide you with 20 ways to make money with metaverse.

How to make money with metaverse real estate?

One can Invest in the metaverse land or he can rent this virtual land, one can earn money with metaverse land flipping, this digital land can be used for advertisement, opening stores, malls,ecommerce and many more things as metaverse progresses.

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