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The 10 best NFT creator app for Android(Free &Paid)

best nft software for android

Hey you can create crazy NFT with your Android Phone,we have brought Best NFT Creator app for Android with which you can create NFTs on go.

A new area of online art in which people have shown significant interest includes cartoon images of humans and animals, along with anime warriors, aliens, ghosts, skeleton warriors, robots, and TFs. The news that people are making a fortune of this has also triggered speculation that art markets will be upset. This is an innovative technological phenomenon in which virtual deeds of ownership referred to as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are synced with digital art. NFTs are unique units of digital data that are recorded on blockchains. Blockchains are decentralized digital ledgers that can keep track of transactions. However, the technology and NFT involved here is big business. NFTs are sold for Millions of dollars. Before going through the 10 best NFT creator apps for android, let’s check the most expensive NFT’s sold ever first.

Most Expensive NFTs sold ever

The most lucrative of these projects are those that Bored Ape Yacht Club produces for its fun stuff site, which specializes in versions of a one-day depiction of an ape. Last year the Bored Ape NFT went up for 3.4 million dollars. Another popular series is titled Cryptopunks and typically consists of endless variations of a pixelated “cryptopunk.” A Cryptopunk NFT sold last year for 11 million dollars. This shows the potential of the NFT art Market.

Can anyone create an NFT? and How to create NFT and get benefited from a mobile phone?[nft creator android]

How to make NFT art on android? If this is a question you are finding you are at the right place. Lets us check it out. NFT is a non-fungible token not limited to photos, images Art, song, domains, or any piece of work that is not fungible, unique, and cannot be copied. Digital ownership on a blockchain ledger can be recorded and can be transferred from artist to buyer which makes transactions legal and authentic where the artist who creates NFT and buyers’ rights are safeguarded. Blockchain protects records and maintains transactions. Now coming back to the question can anyone create an NFT? The answer is yes as an artist you can create any art in any form of NFT. In this article, we are discussing & creating NFT in the form of an Image. So can I make an NFT on my Android phone? Yes, creating NFT is not that hard, we can create NFT with our phones and can ride this wave of NFT. Let’s check it out.

Now we will find out answers How do I become an NFT creator? and What app can I use to create NFT? free NFT creator app for android

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Best NFT creator app for android|NFT Generator apps

Here we are discussing best free NFT creator app for android and paid apps


Best NFT creator app for android-Goart
Credit:GoArt Andriod App

Turn your photography into unique NFT art with GoArt! The NFT tool program relies on powerful image analysis technology with the power of artificial intelligence that can bring the photographs you take to life as the master paintings of the renaissance, the Impressionists, or the modern era. With just a few easy tweaks, you can design your own NFT artwork it creates NFT on android app and post it on these platforms: OpenSea, Axie Infinity, super rare or any NFT Marketplaces.GoArt is one of the best App for android


  • NFT Art can be created with the power of Artificial Intelligence
  • Superfast NFT filters are available and NFT can be created with the click
  • High-quality HD printing is supported

Cons:-It offers only 3 days trial

2)NFT Creator NinjaFT

Ninja FT-Best NFT creator app for android
Credit:NFT Creator Ninja FT

NinjaFT makes it easy to build your own NFT. Create your NFT simply by browsing through numerous templates and thousands of beautiful graphics. NinjaFT’s widgets NFT app makes it easier for DIY designers to bring their designs to life. With dozens of templates and thousands of high-quality graphics, NinjaFT makes it easy to create your NFT. Ninja FT is one of the best NFT creator app for android which you can check.


  • It offers the Mint & Buys option
  • Free daily Airdrops
  • Community Support through Discord

Cons:-It offers only 3 days trial

3) 8-bit painter

8 bit Painter
Credit:8 bit Painter

8-bit painter is a Japanese app and was selected as an Editorial choice app in Japan. 8bit Painter is easy to remember because it is narrowed down to intuitive operation methods and the minimum functions with smooth flow operation of the app. 8bit Painter focuses on simple UI and enriches user experience. Undoubtedly 8 Bit painter is on the top charts in Japan and is one of the best NFT maker app android.


Multiple templates available

Easier colour switching and undo

Easiest to use simple UI

Even though this app is a free NFT maker it comes with ads


The app comes with the adds if you want to have adds free experience you need to pay a small fee of 4$

4) Pixel Studio: Pixel art editor

Pixel Studio pixel art editor
Credit:Pixel Studio pixel art editor

Pixel Studio is an NFT generator tool for NFT artists and game developers. Simple, fast, and portable. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, Pixel Studio offers an intuitive interface and a wide range of useful features, allowing you to create cool projects anywhere and anytime. Click layers and animate, and add sound effects to your creations. In addition, the program supports exporting videos to MP4, so you can share your animations more effectively. Pixel Studio pixel art editor is one of the best NFT app for android phones.


  • You can create frame by frame animation
  • One of the best app for pixel app
  • Many features are available in the FREE version(Free NFT Creator App)


The app comes with fewer ads as compared to other apps and Google drive sync is available with paid version only.

5)Dotpict – Easy to Pixel Arts


Dotpict easy-to-pixel art is the best NFT generator for making pixel art. Not only can you create artwork and animations, but you can share your work, as well, and follow people to receive inspiration. You can save color palettes. This program is undoubtedly a great app for pixel art. Dotpicts-Easy to Pixel Arts is also on the top gross list


  • Can Make art and share it
  • Can able to save the colour palettes
  • Simple UI


Limited to 16 palettes

6)Draw pixel art pro

Credit:-Pixel art Pro

Draw pixel art pro is the graphics editor optimized for working with pixel graphics (pixel art design) that has the ability to create animations and work with sprite sheets. Best software for making graphics and designs in 2D pixel art, working with game assets, and shaping animation. : Draw pixel art pro. it is no doubt the best NFT maker for android


  • It creates frame-by-frame animation
  • Community Support
  • Autosave and backup


The app comes with ads and you can remove it for 3$

7)Pixel Brush – Pixel art gif animation sprite maker

Pixel Brush pixel art gif maker
Pixel Brush pixel art gif maker

If you are looking for NFT making app for android you can go with Pixa Brush.Pixel Brush is the leading drawing program for creatives, who can also work as a pixel art creation studio, allowing artists to make pixel art. Pixel is the best platform available to create pixel art having the ability to import and export from gallery too. Pixel Brush -Pixel art gif animation sprite maker is one of the best app to create nft art on android


A powerful tool for creating arts

No ads(Ads-free stay focused)(Free NFT Maker)

Community support

this app is part of the free NFT creator app but with few cons


Sometime lags

8)NFT Maker: Crypto Art & Metaverse

NFT maker crypto art & metaverse
NFT maker crypto art & metaverse

NFT maker crypto art & metaverse is a photo editing program that transforms your pictures into one-of-a-kind works of art. Based on the superior AI-intelligence technology, NFT filters allow you to change the photo into a painting that looks similar to those painted by Vincent van Gogh, Mona Lisa, Pablo Picasso and other famous painters. Just be sure to create your own masterpiece. NFT Maker: Crypto Art & Metaverse is one of the best android nft creator


  • Create NFT in clicks with the power of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Simple and clear UI
  • Lots of special effects are available


  • Relatively new app

9)NFT Maker: Create a NFT!

NFT Maker is now easily accessible to anyone from their phone, simplifying the creation of NFTs! NFT maker Create a NFT


  • Simple and clear UI
  • New templates available


  • Relatively new app

10)NFT Creator, Crypto Pets Maker

Crypto Pets Maker
Credits:Crypto Pets Maker

Choose your favorite animal Here, you can design your own NFTs in minutes, express your creative thoughts and mint your NFTs onto all major blockchains right from your phone with the lowest gas fee! Start by creating crypto art that can be printed on the OpenSea and MetaMask! NFT creator Creator, Crypto Pets Maker. is one of the best NFT Generator.


  • Simple and clear UI
  • New templets available


  • Relatively new app

In conclusion, if you are looking to create your own non-fungible token, it is now easier than ever with the help of Android apps. 

11)NFT Zone Android[Creates NFT Maker]

NFT Zone app android makes it simple for you to create your own NFT to get on the blockchain straight from your iPhone in just a few clicks! No coding experience is needed! With the NFT zone app for android Become an NFT creator today! Turn any unique photo into an NFT to get on the blockchain right from your iPhone – All of this can be done in a few taps and without any coding experience!


You’ll also get a free Ethereum wallet for holding the NFTs you generate with NFT Zone.

There are many excellent Android apps available on Google Play that will be able to create NFTs for you with just a few clicks away. So if you want to be an NFT designer it’s way simple than you think, but to create a masterpiece that will sell for millions of dollars will require practice, Creativity, Social following and hard work to succeed.

Can I make an NFT on my Android phone?

Yes, NFT generation is not that hard even if you have never tried it before, you can simply generate NFT with your mobile phone. There are plenty of Apps for NFT generation like the NFT zone app creates NFT maker android, a few of the best NFT creator apps for Andriod are mentioned above, and some of the apps use artificial intelligence to create NFT, Just download an app from the play store by typing the NFT phone app and play with it to create your NFT masterpiece.

Can I create NFT for FREE?

Yes, You can create NFT for FREE yes just download the NFT generator app and design your NFT some NFT designer tool apps offer a 3-day free trial, you can access its premium features for free in the trial period, and some of the apps are completely free with ads but you can get rid of those ads by paying small fees and enjoy the distraction-free environment.

How do you generate an NFT?

You can generate an NFT with some tweaks & designing through the Best NFT creator app, you can also check our related articles above:-
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