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How to get free NFTs? How to avoid NFT Scams?

How to get free NFT (1)

How to get NFT for free? You are trying to find NFTs in MAD rush ? How to get free NFT? Let us understand first what is NFT? Why these stickers, photos, JPG, virtual land are sold for Millions $? Why these crypto Monkeys, Kitties, skeletons, and wired pieces of art is becoming extremely popular? Well, I will help you to understand what actually is NFT? NFT is a Non-fungible Token. Now the question may arise in your mind what is fungible?

Fungible means which can be split or exchanged let’s take an example

Anything which is 100% interchangeable with something else is fungible. For example, a $100 note is interchangeable with exactly another $100 note, Gold can be exchanged for gold. Now, What is non-fungible? Anything that is rare, a piece of art that cannot be split or 100% exchanged is a Non-Fungible Tokens. NFT includes pieces of art, Domain Names, songs, photos.

Key Points:

  • Non-fungible tokens may be traded or consumed, but not duplicated. The result is a digital scarcity and a trust in the assertion of the ownership of distinguishing features, such as non-fungible tokens.
  • Those who can’t stand to think about stocks and cryptocurrency may find this concept interesting. They may now begin investing in a variety of retail-type digital art, digital real estate and several other NFT-supported concepts.
  • NFTs helped the artist to get great value for their work, few are sold for millions $ , but many artist could earn their living.
  • Artists can transfer the ownership of art from the seller to the buyer based on blockchain technology without original being copied.
  • NFT market value is forecast to reach over $35 billion in 2022 and more than $80 billion in 2025, analysts led by Stephanie Wissink noted in the report published.

Now Coming to question How to get NFT for free? or How to earn NFT free?

Ideally, projects that launch free NFT mints are able to promote their offerings and succeed. To increase the adoption of these NFTs, potential supporters should look into the relevant online communities. Free mints are occasionally offered for particular NFTs such as free NFT drops. Where to get free NFT art? The best way to find out where to acquire free mints would be to search the website OpenSea and Twitter, where you could discover upcoming NFTs rewards.

Even though the phrase free NFT can carry a lot of buzz around, scammers often lure NFT owners in under the guise of getting free NFTs. Is there any way to discover what a true provider of free NFTs would look like, without scams or fraud? Let’s check it out.

How to get free NFT?(5 Ways)

One can get NFT for free by:

1)Earning NFT by playing Games

axie-infinity-how to get free NFT
Axie-infinity-how to get NFT free

Blockchains recently became a tool for launching crypto games. Games based on the blockchain are anchored with digital money-powered economies, where players engage in play-to-earn battles or win funds. Digital assets, which are NFTs, are usually used to animate the programs or daffy titles. These types of games described as Play-to-Earn games (P2E) are on the rise and may eventually become the prevalent type of online game. The most popular P2E game where you win NFTs in the blockchain is-

these are a few games where you can battle and win NFTs

2)Make NFT for FREE (DIY NFT)

How to get free NFT
Make NFT for Free

You might be wondering, are NFT free to make? NFTs are the new form of collecting. They are digital assets that can be collected, traded, and sold. But how do you get your hands on them? Is NFT free to create? Yes, you can make it with your mobile phone for free. The best way is to make NFT. Making NFT is easier than you think you can make NFT by leveraging the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence). Nowadays you need to select the templates just make some tweaks and your NFT is ready.

You can read our article:-

3)Discord Giveaways

There are NFT giveaways on Discord like in clubs or communities who are for aiming for togetherness and empathy among members. Discord includes two-platform competitions known as community drops, where musicians, filmmakers, artists and other projects often donate some of their NFTs to one another. Once you have a chance to participate in a free NFT on a Discord giveaway, it should be your goal to be as organized as possible about the approaching activity. By participating in Discord Giveaways you can get free NFT.

To do

  • Find the NFT Project Join the discord group.
  • Spend time to check authenticity of group members, number of followers and everything.
  • Check the events.
  • Participate in Giveaway to acquire FREE NFT.

4)Twitter NFT Giveaways

Twitter Giveaways, lots of NFTs are given out on Twitter repeatedly. Twitter has recently changed profile pic shape to hexagonal shape which will be the identity of Verified digital items. NFT profile pictures may be viewed as an incredible technology integration through which real utility is provided. Now a profile involved around NFT could be identified easily. To obtain NFTs, you can regularly turn to accounts that provide giveaways. Search hashtags or specific terms related to NFTs and you will discover some project pages where you can get NFT for free.

To do

  • Find the NFT Projects and follow the profile.
  • Spend time check authenticity, Followers.
  • You can find profile by searching hashtags #NFT, #NFT Giveaway
  • Participate in Giveaway to acquire FREE NFT.

5)Subscribe NFT Alerts:-

If you are looking for free NFT you can check and subscribe to the NFT news notification from news publishing websites and whenever there is news regarding FREE NFT giveaway you will get a notification about the giveaway. You can Subscribe for google alerts, your search for how to get free NFT ?may end here, you can set the frequency of google alerts for daily, weekly modes to receive notifications regarding free NFT giveaways.

To do

  • You can Create Google Alerts about FREE NFT GIVEAWAYS so that all alerts will be delivered to your mailbox.
  • Find the NFT Projects and Giveaway by typing in google filter by news.
  • Be on the mailing list of Artists,project persons Influencers so that never miss the NFT giveaway.

How to Avoid NFT scams?

Many of the projects may not be good or scam then how to recognise project is good or legit? One should be vigilant in every corner of life same applies to filtering the NFT projects. We would suggest some brief parameters to judge the project.

Teams:-An anonymous team is a red flag, but not a deal-breaker, check teams history and success on the blockchain.

Community:-Have a look at the community. How active they are in the community? Numbers can be faked but conversations are harder to fake. Are they talking about the project? Are they excited about the release?

Check on Roadmap:-What is the team’s plan? What are they offering? Is their plan feasible? or it is too good to be true?

ART:-Does art feels authentic to the creator and most important do you like it?

In conclusion, So can you get free NFT? Yes, there are many ways to get NFT for free. From spending time on the game itself to DIY NFT or by just looking for them in different spaces. You can get NFT for free, but here you need to spend more time participating in giveaways, winning NFTs in-game, you need to do proper research and need to keep eye on events, communities and you can get your First NFT for FREE very easily.


How to create NFT free?|Can I create free NFT? Make free NFT with no Money.

Yes, you can create an NFT for free vary easily with NFT creator software, or you can install the NFT creator app on your iPhone or Android phone list of apps and software we have already mentioned above by which you can easily create NFT from choosing a free app or NFT tool maker for free.

How to get NFT for free?| How to get NFT token for free?

One can participate in Giveaways, or play games and win NFT for free or one can make NFT DIY (Do it yourself and create free NFT).

Can I mint NFT for free?|How to mint NFT free?

Yes on variable and open sea connect your wallet, fill in the information, choose the free minting option to create an item, and sign free with your wallet.

How to Avoid NFT Scams?

One should do proper research about projects, communities and should be vigilant and take due and decision independently you can check
and other factors before making any decision about the NFT project.

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