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NFT Memes: The Greatest Of All Time

A meme is a new way to say something or share an idea. Anything that can be copied and spread from one person to another can be a meme. It could be a video, picture, song, or another thing. Memes are often funny or ironic in ways that can surprise anyone.

In the crypto-sphere, a meme is a way to market and spread the word about certain cryptocurrency projects. This article will discuss what’s great about NFT memes, how to make NFT memes, and the 8 best NFT memes or classic memes that sold very well.

What Makes NFT Memes Outstanding?

Here are some reasons why NFT memes are better than digital ones.

  • NFT memes are unique! Most of the NFT meme characters are one-of-a-kind and don’t have any copies or duplicates. This means that it is impossible to make fake content.
  • There aren’t many NFT memes! Only so many of each NFT meme character can be made. So, the more people want it, the more it’s worth.
  • It’s easy to spread NFT memes. Since NFT memes are stored in blockchain, they can’t be stolen or copied. On the other hand, other digital content can be copied all over the place by anyone who wants to steal your work or make money off it without your permission.
  • NFT memes are fun! Memes show how the person who made them feels or what they want the audience to feel. It can be used to entertain, teach, or motivate.
  • It’s easy to remember NFT memes! Since a meme is a brand-new character, it is easier for people to remember. This creates it easier for them to spread on social media sites like Reddit, Instagram, and Twitter.

How to Make an NFT Meme?

You don’t require to understand how to design to make NFT memes with Appy Pie’s NFT generator and meme generator. With our NFT generator, you can easily make a collection of 1000 NFTs in minutes without having to code, and our meme generator lets you turn these NFTs into NFT memes.

Here’s how you can make NFTs using Appy Pie’s NFT generator:

Choose an NFT design.

Choose the NFT template you want from the many in the library.

Adjust your NFT.

Change how your NFT looks and feels to make it stand out.

Export your NFT and sell it.

You can get the NFT collection in the format of your choice and sell it online.

Here’s how you can make NFT memes using the Appy Pie meme generator:

Publish your NFT.

Add text, pictures, and other things to your NFT.

Personalize your NFT meme

You can make NFT memes in minutes without knowing how to code.

Share/export your NFT meme

Get NFT memes and share them with everyone.

8 Popular NFT Memes

Here are some of the best and most popular NFT memes that sold many copies.


  • Doge NFT meme is an ERC-721 non-fungible token that can be used only once. The famous internet meme Doge was used to design and get ideas for the token.
  • Doge was a popular meme in 2013, in case you don’t know about it. Shiba Inu is another name for the meme. A comic sans text is written at the top of a picture or photograph of a dog.
  • The Doge NFT meme was made as a joke to show how easy it is to make a token that can’t be used to buy other tokens on the EOS blockchain.

Charlie Bit My Finger

  • Charlie Bit My Finger NFT started in September 2007 and has become one of the most popular memes on the Internet.
  • Harry and Charlie are shown biting and punching each other in the meme. Charlie’s big brother, Harry, is the one who bites his finger. The video has been watched over 645 million times on YouTube, which is still growing.
  • There are also many different versions of these memes, such as “Charlie Bit My Food” memes, which are the same as “Charlie Bit My Finger NFT” memes, except that food, is used instead of fingers and toes.

Bad Luck Brian

  • Bad Luck Brian NFT meme is a macro image series that shows a picture of a teenage boy with braces, acne, and shaggy hair.
  • There are different versions of the Bad Luck Brian meme. For example, in the original Bad Luck Brian, he was sitting on a bus, and the woman behind him was eating something that smelled bad.
  • In the NFT version of Bad Luck Brian, the woman holds a sign that says “NFT.” It’s talking about how Brian has bad luck when his parents don’t care about what he wears. Brian holds a sign that says “Not For Trade” in another version of NFT.

Disaster Girl

  • The Disaster Girl NFT meme started with a picture of a girl posing in front of a house that had burned down. The girl looks very happy, but she’s in a pretty tough situation, so it’s easy to see why she looks so happy.
  • At a Foundation Auction in 2021, the Disaster Girl NFT meme was sold for 180 Ether, which is about $500,000.

Success Kid

  • An image of a baby boy with a big smile and his hands in fists is the Success Kid NFT meme. The first Success Kid NFT meme started when Laney Griner posted a picture of her son Sammy throwing a fit on her Flickr account.
  • It became famous when a random meme blog used the image as a reaction, quickly spreading all over the Internet.

Grumpy Cat

  • Grumpy Cat is more than just a cat. She’s a meme. The Grumpy Cat NFT meme is a series of pictures where a cat with a grumpy face (Grumpy Cat) is photoshopped onto pictures of people in boring situations to make fun of how unhappy they look.
  • This started when Grumpy Cat was featured on the social news site Reddit on September 22, 2012. Tabatha Bundesen, who owns her, said that the Cat’s unusual face makes it look like she’s frowning, which is how she got her name.
  • Just leave Britney alone.
  • Chris Cocker put the song Leave Britney Alone on YouTube for the first time in 2007. In this viral video, he stood up for Britney Spears and made internet history.
  • Leave Britney Alone is one of the most popular old NFT memes today. Crocker sold the video to an anonymous online buyer for 18.69 ether, which is about $41,000 (£29.7k).

Too Attached Girlfriend

  • Since 2013, Overly Attached Girlfriend has been one of the most popular online activities. It is also one of the best memes ever made. More than 150 million people have seen it.
  • The NFT meme started when YouTuber Laina Walker uploaded a clip of her singing a parody of Justin Bieber’s song “Boyfriend” on YouTube.
  • Why not earn some money now that you understand about NFT memes? You can make your NFT memes with Appy Pie Design and sell them for a lot.

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