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20+ Best NFT Marketplaces to Create,Buy/Sell (2023)

nft marketplace website

Before going through best NFT Marketplace, first, we will look at what is NFT?NFT full form-A non-fungible token is a digital token with some form of unique identifier. Non-fungible tokens are generally programmed to be only usable on the blockchain that issued them. Typically, NFTs are designed with some kind of utility or function that varies from one instance to the next. For example, if someone owns a piece of art on the blockchain, they may have permission to trade their crypto-token for different artwork. NFT could be Art, collectable, Domain name, Music, photography, sports, trading card, Utility, Virtual world. NFT can be considered an asset or security which has a unique identifier on the blockchain. Non-fungible tokens are similar to digital art, as they cannot be exchanged for other tokens on a secondary market. They are also not interchangeable with others due to their uniqueness.

NFT explained with an example|What is example of NFT?

To Explain NFT in simpler words we will take the example of 100$ paper note now if 10$ x10$ amounts to 100$ it means they are fungible and they can be split they are also not unique. Then what is NFT?NFT is a Non-fungible token that cannot be split. Take example Bored ape is unique, it cant be split. Again if Bitcoin is it NFT certainly not as bitcoin can be split, it’s not unique. It can be sent to anyone even infractions.

How to buy NFT?

The concept of a non-fungible token is being used by artists to create crypto art. The artist creates 1,000 tokens which correspond to the 1,000 paintings that have been created during their lifetime. In this way, each token can be considered to be a piece of artwork. The artist then sells the tokens at a price that corresponds to the value of the artwork. So if you want to buy the book, you have a marketplace you want to buy any article you go to Amazon it is also a marketplace.

Similarly, for NFT you have Marketplaces some of the prominent are we will check from NFT Marketplace list let’s dive in

Best NFT Marketplaces:

1)OpenSea NFT Marketplace

OpenSea NFT Marketplace

OpenSea is a marketplace for the buy and sell of NFT. It is time for the world to wake up to the possibilities of blockchain. The blockchain brings together not only cryptocurrencies but also other ideas that were previously difficult to implement. One such possibility is a token that isn’t interchangeable with other tokens. It’s called a non-fungible token, and it’s valued individually by each user, based on its own traits or characteristics. While there is an economics section of OpenSea, some of the NFTs have been sold for millions of dollars.OpenSea has recently passed its $13 billion peaks after a $300 million investment. OpenSea that is known as a place to buy NFTs market place was founded in New York City by Devin Finzer and Alex Atallah in December 2017. OpenSea is a marketplace where you can explore from categories like Art, Collectible, Domain names, Music, Photography, sports, trading cards, utility, virtual worlds at the latest drops and discovers NFT Marketplace app using OpenSea app. Go apple App Store or Google Play store to download and install the NFT Marketplace app.


Pros:-OpenSea is oldest and biggest NFT market place

Accept Multiple Currencies

Cons:A transaction fee of 2.5% is levied on seller appart from gas fee charged for minting of token

Charges High Gas fees as based on Ethereum

2)Mintable NFT Marketplacez

Mintable NFT Marketplace

Mintable NFT is a marketplace is founded by Zack Burks in 2018. Mintable is an open, global, decentralized marketplace for virtual and physical goods. Mintable’s non-fungible token (NFT) is a digital asset that cannot be replicated or shared. Users can buy, sell, store, trade, and lend Mintable tokens. Mintable tokens (MT) are digital assets built on the blockchain. Anyone can buy, sell, own, or trade Mintable assets on the Mintable platform. (fees charged is 2.5%)Users can also lend Mintable tokens and receive interest on their assets. Check it here


Pros:-Easy to use

Cons:-Not bigger collection like OpenSea

3)Binance NFT Market Place

Binance NFT Marketplace

Binance was founded by Chinese canadian business executive Changpeng Zhao -Nick name CZ.Binance NFT Marketplace brings together sellers, creators, and crypto enthusiasts on a single platform on which to create and trade top NFTs. Binance uses its own blockchain .The platform is composed of three main product lines: premium and exclusive NFTs from globally renowned celebrities, or “events”; mint, purchase, and bid on NFTs from creatives around the world; and free trade NFTs.

How one can buy NFT Binance NFT marketplace?

For NFTs with a fixed price, you may click on the [Buy] button in the product listing and pay for the transaction when the option is enabled. Once the purchasing process is complete, your NFT will be delivered to your Ethereum wallet/(BNB), and the seller will receive the money. For NFTs on auction, click on the [Make an offer] button, place a bid on the product as the price, and confirm the offer. In case your bid is the lowest, the seller will receive the money.(Fees Charged is 1%)


Pros:-Lower transaction fee only 1%

It is Secured

Cons:Plaftform is not that artist friendly.

4)Axie Infinity

Axie NFT Market

Axie Infinity was founded by Sky Mavis in 2018.Compared to some of the other investors in the NFT market, the Axie Infinity has some distinctive stands regarding the video game asset, and the Axie Infinity handles to be one of the top NFT marketplace players. Axie Infinity has managed to make several billions of dollars as the market cap by solely focusing on the game industry. Advantages of Axie Infinity were driven by the creative and innovative components that attracted a huge community of game enthusiasts and crypto enthusiasts, while even more responsive and user-friendly UI drew users that exhibit greater influence. As Axie’s native token real underlying investment market, therefore people may find it worth considering.(Fees 4.5%)


Pros:Awesome Community

Cons:- Transaction fee 4.5% is at higher side

5)Rarible NFT Marketplace

Rarible NFT Marketplace

Rarible is fonded by Alexei Falin.Rarible was one of the first marketplaces linked to electronic assets in the planet of crypto, connecting buyers and sellers of transferable tokens. Rarible became an international pioneer in NFT’s market as a result of its significant depth and affiliation over time. Raible’s Rar analogue cryptocurrency united the governance architecture as a representative of the community and market needs. The NFT minting process performed by the Rarible Space Center in collaboration with the surrounding hard currency businesses was very effective. Rarible’s business is based on the Ethereum blockchain, which makes it easy to manage natural resources.

How one can purchase NFT at Rarible NFT Marketplace?

At Rarible NFT Marketplace, NFTs that you have purchased have a fixed price for the purchase of the item, then you may click on the [Buy] button in the product listing to purchase the product as soon as it has been enabled. After the payment has been completed, your NFT will be transferred immediately to your Ethereum address, and the seller will receive the payment. To make NFTs on auction, click the [Make an Offer] button.(Fees 2.5%)


Pros:Choice from Three Blockchain(Ethereum,Flow,Tezos blockchain)

Low carbon and gas fee

Cons:Smaller as compared to openSea

6) Decentraland


Decentraland was founded by Argentinians Ari Meilich & Esteban Ordano.Decentraland is based entirely on the modern world’s term “METAVERSE.” To be specific, Decentraland has an open setting having the very same functionality as the real world. Users can buy assets, farms, and items on the platform using the cryptocurrency that’s the cryptocurrency of decentraland.(Fees 2.5%)


Pros:-Decentraland is bigger player

MANA is having great potential


MANA is undervalued

Decentraland Platform is at early stage

7)Torum NFT Marketplace

Torum NFT Marketplace is A decentralized ecosystem for users to share and trade digital assets. Avatar is a community-based project that empowers users to own their own digital assets on the blockchain. Avatar is built on the NFT protocol. You need to connect to metamask account in order to see and transact for NFT at Torum NFT Marketplace.

8) Super Rare NFT Marketplace

Another common NFT marketplace where it provides support for all kinds of NFTs is Super Rare. This is a link between individual traders, and it enhances the market by offering a very smooth and responsive NFT minting medium. With greater efficiency than the traditional minting method.Super Rare’s handle billions of dollars, whereas the crypto platform market value continues to progress with greater efficiency. To build a constructive medium in the crypto age, Super Rare intends to adopt and implement various open API & wallets.(Fees 1%)



Fees only 1%

Rare Art

Cons:-Low entry


Automichub is an NFT platform that provides three key solutions to users.

Automic hub is a decentralized ecosystem for users to share and trade digital assets. Automichub is built on top of the NFT Protocol. is a blockchain-powered NFT marketplace that enables individuals to own and control their digital assets. It’s a decentralised crypto platform that enables users to own and control their digital assets that have become NFTs.(Fee 5%)

11)Larva Labs/Cryptopunks

Larva Labs is best known for its CryptoPunks NFT project. They were first given away for free in 2017, but CryptoPunks have sold for millions of dollars ever since. Larva Labs has other digital art projects currently in the works, including Autoglyphs, and other Ethereum blockchain-based app development projects. Larva Labs’ CryptoPunks NFTs are currently sold out, but various third-party marketplaces offer them for bidding and purchasing. Larva Labs’ various projects, however, are worth noting — including the Meebits, which can be purchased straight from the company’s own marketplace.

11) Zilliqa NFT Marketplace

Zilliqa offers a platform for creating and managing NFTs. NFTs are unique digital assets, non-fungible in nature, that cannot be copied and traded. Zilliqa’s blockchain is designed to support NFTs. ZIL tokens (ZIL) are the native utility token for the Zilliqa blockchain. The main purpose of ZIL is to serve as a fuel needed by smart contracts that run in the network to pay transaction fees. ZIL can also be used by developers for the development and maintenance of decentralized applications on the Zilliqa blockchain

12)NBA Top Shot Marketplace

National Basketball Association and Women’s National Basketball Association’s entry into the NFT market. Here on this marketplace, viewers can buy and sell media and artwork that was shot and posted by the sport’s best teams and performance artists. The National Basketball Association established a closed market on Top Shot, using the Flow cryptocurrency platform built by Dapper Labs. You can easily use the Top Shot marketplace, create an account, and buy collectable moments for as little as a few dollars.

13)Foundation NFT Marketplace was built for customers seeking secure tools to bid on digital art. Presale proceeds thus far with Ethereum. Since the marketplace’s inception in early 2021, it has sold more than a billion dollars of NFTs.Artists who take part in the Foundation community can participate free of charge, and purchasers merely have to obtain their hands on a crypto wallet that contains the Ethereum cryptocurrency. If you start looking for a simple way to build your own NFTs, Foundation may not be your first choice, but the marketplace is all kinds of art.

14) Nifty Gateway NFT marketplace

Nifty Gateway has supported the sales of some popular digital artists, such as Beeple and Grimes. It’s a digital-art curation platform powered on the cryptocurrency exchange Gemini (controlled by the Winklevoss twins). The NFTs known as Nifties is built on Ethereum. Nifty Gateway and Gemini store your NFTs in their wallets. While this may not be how you want to store your purchases or sales involving NFTs, it may happen the other way around as well, as you make your fiat currency (e.g., U.S. dollars) purchases of NFTs without an internet-based exchange.

15)Theta Drop NFT Marketplace

Theta is a blockchain platform for decentralized video distribution. The NFT platform Theta Drop made its debut in 2021 with the World Poker Tour’s digital collectables. The World Poker Tour was one of the first adopters of ThetaTV and utilizes the platform to stream content.

16)Enjin NFT Marketplace

Enjin Platform is the closest method to easily make non-fungible tokens (NFTs), digital monies, and other types of blockchain possessions, and incorporate them into any program.Enjin NFT Marketplace is pleased to announce that the Enjin Platform is now completely free from the subscription for everyone to make use of as we work to make it possible for the entire world to benefit from this technology.

these are some the few from the Best NFT marketplace list. Hope you will get some idea about NFT Marketplace Website(Fees 2.5%)


17)Async Art

Async Art is an NFT market known for ‘programmable art’. Each work of art is made up of a Master and Layers; Masters are the entire NFT while Layers are elements that make up the art, and may be edited. Everything is ‘Tokenized’ meaning that different artists might own different techniques, and together they may work on an entire piece of art.


The MakersPlace website offers places for talented artists and sells NFTs from galleries and artists. Join up today and you’ll be sure to acquire limited-edition NXF art from renowned names such as Damien Hirst, Christie’s auction house, and Robert Liefeld.Investing in artwork on MakersPlace provides limited editions, possession transfer, and verification of the ownership before the start of sale. Even if an owner downloads the distributed artwork, it won’t reflect the real artist’s signature.


KnownOrigin is the oldest art NFT marketplace, and it features the rarest and most valuable works by leading artists and photographers. Specialised in timed-release events, known as drops, such as Seth Tillett’s collection of photos of Jean-Michel Basquiat, weekly auctions drop the works of talented artists in accordance with the demand.


Foundation is run like an artist’s club where you may be excluded from entry; it’s a member-supported club where a standard number of artists host regularly. Foundation has been running only a year, but the founders have already earned a combined $163,263.94. To receive an invitation from Foundation, you must have one from a previous artist.


Zora began as a relative platform similar to Foundation but has since developed into an open marketplace that anyone can use. Zora is known as an easy-to-use marketplace that allows perpetual bids, so anyone can bid in any currency. It is intended to give artists and creators greater control and ownership.


What is NFT Marketplace?

A marketplace for trading non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, is an online platform for buying virtual collectables like avatars and real estate. The first e-commerce site of its kind built on the Ethereum blockchain, it drew public interest in blockchain technologies last year.

What is the Biggest NFT Marketplace?

OpenSea is an industry leader in tokenized company shares deals. OpenSea is totally free to sign up on, and its platform offers all kinds of digital assets.

What is the best site to sell NFT?|What are Top NFT Marketplace?

3)Axie Infinity
5)Super rare
are few top 10 NFT Marketplace to sell NFT & buy NFT

Is NFT a good Investment?

NFTs are digital assets that act as secure records of ownership and can be a worthwhile investment for collectors. … Artists, collectors, and speculators alike have flocked to this due to the explosive increase in the price of these digital assets.

How do you make money with NFT?

With 3 steps you can make money with NFT
Step 1:- Create NFT, Create your digital assets
Step 2:-Research Marketplace and join and signup set up payment for receiving your payments, check out Gas fees, and other details regarding fees, cost, subscription any on NFT Marketplace.
Step 3:-List your NFT for sale on the NFT Market place do some basic SEO. Once someone buys your NFT you will receive your payment

Why NFT is so expensive?

Why do NFTs costs in Ethereum increase because of their one-of-a-kind nature? Each NFT stands as a collector’s item that cannot be duplicated, making each rarity and one-of-a-kind. Scarcity and rarity accordingly increase the costs.

Why would anyone buy NFT?

A significant part of buying an NFT is that it is a surefire way to obtain sole ownership of a unique asset. Collectors are drawn to NFTs because they are an intriguing way of trading physical collectables, such as artwork or in-game assets.

On what basis is the price of NFT decided?

NFT value is determined by the NFT creator. It is subject to market demand, age, rarity, and other factors associated with the NFT.

What is gas fees?

This is the amount you have to pay on the Ethereum blockchain to implement an action, such as implementing an NFT. Gas fees are measured in gwei, and they may change from moment to moment depending on usage. In general, you’re likely to need to pay 0.0042 ETH per transaction. You can discover lower fees in the early morning hours, between 5:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m.

Can Gas fees be avoided?

Some NFT marketplaces are starting to offer mints that don’t require gas; these platforms include OneMarket and ImmutableX, so gas fees will routinely show up on your payment documents (think VAT). Blockchain platforms that do this include Polygon Marketplace and OpenSea.

What do you mean by Minting?

Your blockchain NFT is minted when you create your record on the blockchain, usually Ethereum. The record is public and cannot be changed, and it can actually be followed and managed for additional sales. Minting requires a transaction fee, but numerous markets have begun to receive innovative in how, to whom, and when that fee is charged.

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