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About Us

Hey Metaverse & Technology Enthusiast

Welcome to– The Metaverse & beyond community. is the site of Metaverse, AI, and technology for beginners and advanced users to stay up to date with the world-changing metaverse and technology. was started with the aim of bridging the gap among the general public and the Metaverse and technology. Initially, our plans were to create a Metaverse-only portal, but as time went on, we discovered it was critical to keep ourselves up to date on news about Metaverse.

About our blog “I love” -Metaverse & Beyond

Kanchan & Swapnil are the founders of the blog, with a Passion for Metaverse & other technology we started this blog. You will get everything about Metaverse & other technology here.

Kanchan is a Wife of a loving Husband, a Mother of a boy, has a passion for blogging, Jewellery, spiritualism. Ex Lecturer, Entrepreneur

Swapnil is a postgraduate & who works in corporate and loves technology, writing, and our roots are into spirituality so as to carry out our passion we have started this blog.

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