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10 Best-Selling NFT Artists of all Time

The 10 Best-Selling NFT Artists Of All Time

List of the 10 most popular NFT artists. Who is one of the best-known names in the field of cryptography? When making a list of the best NFT performers today, sales are not the only thing that matters. Most rankings of culture and art come down to personal taste, but it’s worth saying anyway.

After all, here is a list of the top 10 NFT artists based on how many records they have sold. There are some well-known names, and the artists on the Art Blocks compiled platform also do a great job.

Here is Best Selling NFT Artist of all Time


  • At the top of this list is Pak, who used to be called Murat Pak but is now known as Pak. Some people think artists are actually a group of people, not just one person, and have been making digital art for years.
  • Still, Pak’s popularity has gone through the roof since it joined the NFT. Pak is known as the NFT artist whose collection sold for the most money ever. What’s wrong with Pakistan is Last year, the collection sold on Nifty Gateway for a crazy $91.8 million.


  • Even though Beeple is second on this list, he has a strong case for being the most well-known NFT artist in the world. Of course, that’s because he’s the only artist credited with making NFTs popular. Sure, he sold a lot of books in the past. Every day: the first 5,000 When it sold for $69.3 million in March 2021, it was all over the news.
  • In line with the enthusiastic way of working, Everyday Beeple will probably keep being one of the most well-known and praised NFT artists. You can watch an NFL evening’s interview with Beeple on YouTube.

Tyler Hobbs

  • Tyler Hobbs is third on the list and the first of six artists making art blocks. Known best for Fidenza, Hobbs is one of the best artists making generative blockchain art. He is known for his NFT series. Hobbs has a unique style that is made up of blocks of different colors set against an off-white background.
  • Hobbes’ incomplete control Collection, in particular, was sold out before the art was even shown. The famous NFT artist’s 100-NFT collection sold for more than $7 million, making it his most expensive collection ever.

Dmitry Chernyak

  • Even though Dmitry Chernyak sells the fewest NFTs on the list, his famous NFT art sells so quickly that he still makes the top five.
  • The NFT artist ringer is well-known. Also, on the Art Blocks platform, a collection of generative art. Most of his work was made up of geometric shapes, some in bright colors and some in black and white. The NFT sales that made Chernyak famous aren’t the only things people know about him. The artist is also known for some interesting experiments.


  • The NFT community’s favorite, XCOPY, rounds out the top five. The unnamed XCOPY started making digital art before NFT, just like all the other artists on this list. Notably, Cozomo D’ Medici and Punk 6529, two big names in NXT, are among the people who buy the artist’s work.
  • Most of XCOPY’s work has a theme almost like a nightmare, with skulls and strobe lighting. The highest pain, the well-known NFT artist’s Open Edition collection on Nifty Gateway, recently made headlines. In just 10 minutes, the sale made $23 million.

Matt Deslauriers

  • Another NFT artist who represents the best Art Blocks platform is Matt Deslauriers. Most well-known NFT art is more abstract, but Deslauriers’ work is not like that. In other words, it usually uses several different color strokes to show both 2D and 3D landscapes.


  • Hakatao is the only person on this list who may be as well known for his physical works as his NFT art. The name of his art group comes from the words “hack” and “tao.” It shows how he digs into things to see what’s inside and tries to find balance and duality in his art.
  • Hackatao’s NFTs often portray female characters as lively and expressive. Also, famous artists’ works often deal with important issues like society, the surroundings, humanity, and crypto.


  • Snofro is well-known not only for starting the Art Blocks generative NFT art platform but also for making the famous chrome squiggle, which is now the Art Blocks logo.
  • This list is mostly made up of Art Blocks NFT artists, which shows how important Snofro is to the field of NFT art. Check out Snofro’s interview with NFTevening to learn about his amazing journey to becoming one of the best NFT artists and pioneers working today.

Rich God

  • Rich Lord is another well-known NFT artist for his work on Art Blocks. The geometrical runner Collection has God’s most well-known artists. In these NFTs, he moves geometric shapes and “walks” on different surfaces.
  • The NFTs in the collection have different colors, but the colors are more muted, and only a few can be seen in each piece. Still, the Octo Garden Collection from the uncurated Factory section of Craft Blocks Factory shows that God’s work has a lot of different styles.

Monica Rizzoli

  • Monica Rizzoli is last, but she is by no means the least. Given the remainder of the top ten list, it shouldn’t be surprising that Rizzoli’s most famous pieces also came through the Art Block’s carefully crafted platform. Rizzoli’s art is very creative and utilizes a striking mix of colors to combine abstract shapes with shapes from nature.
  • The Brazilian artist’s sales show she is one of the best at making beautiful, creative art. This is the end of the top ten list! In terms of sales, there are many more well-known and skilled NFT artists right behind these 10. Still, these artists have also worked hard to get to the top of the list of the finest NFT artists right now.

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