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Top 5 NFT Tv shows you should see this year (2023)

Top Tv shows you should see this year

Even though they are still in their early stages, NFT TV shows are getting increasingly popular. Well-known people like Mila Kunis and Fox Entertainment have already jumped on board. Today, there are also a lot of choices, from Stoner Cats to The Glue Factory.

What are NFT Television Programs?

In a nutshell, NFT TV shows are a new way to watch TV shows. These combine entertainment and non-financial transactions under one roof. In a typical NFT TV series, users must buy NFTs to watch the content.

Depending on the tier of the NFT, holders may get extra benefits in some situations. This includes, among other things, physical collectibles, access to giveaways, merchandise, and the ability to vote. Some shows, like The Glue Factory, have holders who are also part of the writing process.

NFT TV shows may not be as easy for everyone to watch as regular shows. But this is also a way for creators to be in charge of everything they make. Stoner Cats said last year that we think storytellers should have a place where they can be valued and helped without having to bow down to big media.

Find out about the top 5 NFT shows.

Now that we’ve gone over the basics, let’s take a closer look at the top five NFT TV shows, in no particular order:

Stoner Cats

Stoner Cats is the first NFT TV show to come out. It is an animated show for adults that actress Mila Kunis made. “Cats Who Get High” is the show’s name, which tells the story of cats who get high. Jane Fonda, Chris Rock, Ashton Kutcher, and Vitalik Buterin, who helped start Ethereum, are also in the cast.

Only people with Stoner Cat NFTs can watch the special episodes of the show. Back in July 2021, the show gave away 10,000 Stoner Cat NFTs. Each NFT costs 0.35 ETH and has digital art from different show characters.

Within 35 minutes, all the books were sold, bringing in $8 million to help pay for the next episodes. When a new episode of Stoner Cats comes out, NFT holders can connect their crypto wallet to the show’s website so they can watch it. Then, they can go to the “Episodes” page to watch the content.

The Glue Factory Show

The Glue Factory TV Show is an animated comedy about horses rescued from people who mistreated them and now living in a world where horses make all the rules. In March 2022, the pilot episode of the show’s first season was shown for the first time.

The cast includes Ted Danson, Patton Oswalt, Bobby Moynihan, and Bobby Lee. Additionally, the core writing group includes seasoned professionals, including Jim Wise, Rob Belushi, Katie Rich, Colton Dunn, Jon Barinholtz, and Rob Belushi (Superstore, Key & Peele, MAD TV) (The Jay Leno Show).

In August 2021, the show gave away 10,000 NFTs, which quickly sold out. Out of the $3 million the project increased, it gave $315,000 to Red Bucket, a Southern California horse rescue group. Also, Glue Factory must have set up a Community Writers’ Room on one’s Discord server to give members writing tasks and use their ideas to improve the show.


A deadhead is a group of 10,000 3D NFT characters, each of which has its animated show. Even here, the NFT holders will be a big part of how the NFT TV show turns out. People in the community can vote on important plot points. Ultimately, the project wants to be the “first bottom-up-funded production house” and “extend into conventional media platforms like Netflix or Amazon.”

The Green Room is a unique part of the project. After each episode, Deadheads opens the “Green Room” with limited edition items that viewers can collect. Some of these things could even play a big part in future episodes! Even though anyone can watch the show, Deadheads will get some special perks that other people won’t get.

The Gimmicks

The Gimmicks is the new kid on the block. It is an animated workplace comedy for adults made by Mila Kunis’ Sixth Wall production company. The story of 3 washed-up wrestlers from the regional Wrestling League is on the NFT TV show. Animated shorts will come out every Friday during the show’s first season.

The Web3 animation studio Toon star made the show, and Dave Ihlenfeld and David Wright wrote the scripts. The voice cast comprises Doc Gallows, Karl Anderson, nZo, and Rocky Romero, all of whom used to be big names in WWE. Also, people who have NFTs can choose their adventures. So they can decide on the show’s plot when each episode ends.


Krapopolis is an animated show that will start on Fox this year. It was first announced in September 2021. Dan Harmon, who made popular shows like Community and Rick & Morty, made it. Additionally, Pam Murphy, Duncan Trussell, Richard Ayoade, Matt Berry, and Hannah Waddingham are all featured in the voice cast.

Krapopolis is about a family of humans, gods, and monsters who are all flawed. It is also the first animated show made entirely on the blockchain. Fox will also release NFTs with Krapopolis themes to give fans special perks.


Fans and people in the community like the NFT TV shows. But there are some problems with these that are easy to see. Take the sad case of Seth Green, which happened not too long ago. The actor, director, and Web3 fan worked on an NFT show called White Horse Tavern. The main character was Bored Ape #8398.

Even though NFT Television shows are becoming more popular, there are still some questions: Is this where distribution models are going? Will people spend hundreds of dollars on a TV show? When the NFTs are lost, what happens? We don’t know the answers to these inquiries yet, but we understand that people have spent a lot more on NFTs that didn’t give them enough. For the rest, we’ll have to wait and see.

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