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Best Anime NFT Collections on the Market right Now

Howdy all, We’ve covered you with this list of some of the best NFTs you can buy. Think of this list as the Argos catalog of NFTs.

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But now it goes way beyond that, from online games to pieces that fit your profile picture to buying expensive art that can’t be hung on the wall to show off to your hipster friends. If you wake up from a coma and didn’t know what I was talking about, congrats! Second, check out our WTF NFTs article.

1: Silks

This new NFT project is a metaverse powered by blockchain that lets users trade, own, and get rewards from horses. This collection is based on real events, meaning that the game’s “virtual horses” have a real-world counterpart. This lets people in the metaverse benefit when the horse in the real world does well in races. Each horse has unique qualities from how it ran in races and was trained.

The project is based on virtual worlds where users can buy plots of land and build their stables to house their horses. This land comprises non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which can be turned into money and traded in the Silks marketplace. The horses are also set up as NFTs. Each year, a new group of horses is created to match the trading of “Yearlings” in real life.

Silks ensure that their data is correct by giving out $SLK, their governance token, to miners who verify data. Because this token is linked to the platform’s DAO, it will be a very important vote when changes and shifts are being made. Zed Runs is a horse racing NFT that is worth mentioning. This is also a racehorse NFT based on blockchain. It recently sold for $125,000.

When the platform started in 2019, horses cost less than $30. Since then, they have risen to a high of $125,000 and often cost more than $15,000. Since then, about 11,999 horses have been sold, and 8,000 more have been made. Chris Ebeling, co-creator of Virtually Human and founder of Zed Runs, said there was room for growth and that trading, raising, and digital racing horses could be a job for some people.

2: Copium Protocol

Copied Protocol is a novel protocol combining a new cloud mining form with ownership. This mining version was made to make it easier for everyone to mine and take it away from institutions and organizations. It does this by letting people rent hardware and making it easier to use.

Many platforms didn’t live up to expectations because it was hard for people who didn’t know what they were doing to make them work. The Copied Protocol is different in this way. The project aims to create it simpler and more profitable for people to mine cryptocurrency.

So, investors in the Protocol don’t rent hardware or hash power. Instead, they put their money directly into a crypto-mining company and let the company do the work for them. The project is based on a company called Copium Mining, which has a mining facility powered by hydroelectric energy made in the area.

The collection has 10,000 pieces and is called the Copium Investor Pass. Copied Mining will use the money from the sale and the upcoming ICO to improve the infrastructure and capacity of Mining. So, people who own NFTs are investing in the company, and their NFTs will give them 10,000 Copium Coins as an airdrop and better rates when they stake coins.

3: Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a dealing card game that is free to play and lets players fight using fantasy cards. The game is made to change how games work by using Ethereum technology to give players digital ownership and ways to make goods more valuable.

The $GODS token was made to be the game’s native currency. It powers the environment that lets players make and trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs). In the last week, the price of a native token has gone up by almost 55.45%.

4: Cocky

The project is a private lifestyle club for NFT holders that gives them access to big music events. People who own Cocky are told that the events it promotes are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. So, people will have to buy one of the Cocky Can NFTs to get into these events.

The people working on the project say that these are things that money can’t buy, but an NFT can. The collection comprises 10,000 Cocky Cans with various skin combinations and lids, showing what the owners get. During minting, this tier-based system is randomly given to NFT holders. Each piece opens up a variety of benefits, such as:

  • Subsidized travel to and from the events
  • Staying in a luxury hotel during the event
  • Bring your family and friends to more events.
  • Bar tabs
  • Unique things

A mutation is a unique tool that can be used with the project. These are shown in the piece’s background as stamps that look much like passport stamps. People who own NFTs can earn mutations by attending events and participating in the ecosystem. As more mutations happen, it gets more valuable and lets its owners write a story about what happened.

5: Tamadoge

Tamadoge is a play-to-earn cryptocurrency project where NFTs are utilized to participate in the virtual ecosystem. Tamadoge (TAMA) is the platform’s native coin and utility token. Players can use the Tamaverse to earn a variety of rewards. Tamadoge pets, which are unique dog avatars that can be purchased, bred, and managed to sell across the Tamaverse, are the platform’s main feature.

The pets are created as unique NFTs with the help of smart contracts. The pieces can be bought at the Tamadoge store with tokens of the local cryptocurrency. So this means that NFTs can be used in real ways within the ecosystem and can be employed to compete with other residents to earn points on monthly leaderboards.


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