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Yuvraj Singh’s NFT Collection: Yuvraj Singh NFT bat

Yuvraj singh nft

I was literally amazed after going through event that had never before been seen; the launch of Yuvraj Singh’s NFT into outer space! It was truly spectacular to witness this remarkable feat – sending something into space, especially a cricket bat an NFT– for the first time in history.Everyone of us watched with awe and admiration at Yuvraj’s accomplishment.(Check video)

Yuvraj Singh NFT Collection: Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh has collaborated with Colexion , a NFT marketplace for Asian markets. He has teamed up with Colexion to launch his first of the kind of collectable NFT for his fans and create new initiatives aimed at young people. To make it special Yuvraj Sing is launching his first NFT bat from space where you will be on the ride from earth to space where Yuvraj Singh is Waiting for you in a virtual museum space show. This is the first time Singh will be launching the first of the kind of NFT in the digital world.

What is Yuvraj Singh’s NFT?

Yuvraj Singh has launched his digital collection of his autographed cricket bats for their fans in form of NFT.I was absolutely blown away when Yuvraj Singh announced the launch of his NFT. As a big fan of NFTs, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. His digital art piece contained several elements from his cricket career, making it even more special for me. Something that really impressed me was how he managed to capture the passion and joy of playing cricket in just one art piece!

Date of Launch25 December 2021
NFTYuvraj Singh Cricket bat(Autographed)
NFT MarketplaceOpensea

What is an NFT in short?

NFT meaning
NFT meaning

NFT means a Non-fungible token. A unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain. NFTs are associated with reproducible files such as photos, videos, and audio. NFTs utilize a blockchain to provide a public certificate of authenticity or proof of ownership.

NFT uses Blockchain technology. A blockchain is a unit of data on a digital ledger called an NFT; the data stored in the blockchain can be sold and traded.

The NFT can be associated with a particular digital asset (such as a file ) and a license to use the asset for a specified purpose.

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What does Yuvraj Singh want to say about NFT?

Yuvraj Singh Nft Space Museum Credit:Colexion

Yuvraj Singh NFT collection: “For Other cricket maybe religion, game or anything for me cricket is my life. The introduction of NFTs as a cricket players is going to help us gain something we haven’t enjoyed before connecting with our fans. It is a privilege for me to partner up with Colexion and share my precious tokens, which, as a cricket player, have reached a whole new level of significance for me. Building a digital avatar to achieve that purpose has been an invaluable experience. Today I am living the same moment, I have failed many times than success but never give up” -are the Words of Yuvraj Singh

What makes Yuvraj Singh First NFT special?


Yuvraj Singhs First NFT is his First bat which is near to his heart by which he has made his first century for India.

The Bat is autographed by Yuvraj Singh make it extra special which makes it a part of the dream collection of every fan.

Yuvraj Singh First NFT bat is launched at altitude 34489M external temperature -59 degree atmospheric pressure 0.4 KPA

Where did Yuvraj Singhs launch NFT Collection & First NFT? Yuvraj Singh NFT release date

Yuvraj Singhs first NFT is launching as premium NFT by 25 December 2021 on Colexion NFT marketplace. It will be available for fans with an offer to buy it as per websites details. We can see more Yuvraj Singhs NFT collections here shortly.

What does a Colexion marketplace mean?

Colexion permits digital artists to understand the NFT industry and enable them to monetize their talent and creativity. Producers can create and sell digital collectables or non-exchangeable digital tokens to earn income and build up value. They are building a community of digital artists.

The community of viewers out of the entire globe can connect to, interact, and learn about the networking market. Non-fungible tokens, otherwise known as blockchain tokenized assets, always have been unique cryptographic tokens depending on the issuing smart contract or have been coded or encoded in the configuration prior to issuance.

What Colexion want to say about the Authenticity of NFT traded on their platform?

In Ethereum’s blockchain, the record and ownership are maintained and protected.Colexion controls the full set of our NFT transactions in their blockchain marketplace. When buying an NFT from them, rights passed to the buyer take effect immediately. Smart contracts on the NFTs encode all the terms and conditions that must be met for the asset to be sold.

What is the Price of Yuvaraj Singhs First NFT?

The first NFT of Yuvraj Singh is launched on 25 December 2021 as per Colexions website and is priced at 40$ each.Yuvraj This affordable-yet-premium NFT drop is attracting loads of interest from his fans, many of whom have supported his batting icon throughout his cricket career.

What are the details about Colexion NFT Marketplace ?

Colexion is NFTs Market place Abhay Aggarwal is, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Colexion. Indian Film actor Sunil Shetty is an Investor and adviser of Colexion. As per websites details. Colexion has currently 1200+ NFTS,100+ celebrities, 10 + more different countries.

What are the Cricket NFTS available on Colexion NFT Marketplace?

Apart from Yuvraj Singh NFT other Cricketer has launched Cricket NFTS available on Colexion NFT Marketplace are:-

1) Brendon Mccullum (Australia)

2)Glenn Maxwell(England)

3) Rilee Rossoum(South Africa)

4)Kieron Pollard(West Indies)

5)Dwayne Bravo(West Indies)

6)David Miller(South Africa)

7)Imran Tahir(South Africa)

8)Sunil Narine (West Indies)

9)Varun ChakraVarthy (India)

10)Morne Morkel

these are some of the prominent player’s list from other cricketers who have launched Cricket NFT on Colexion NFT marketplace


Can Someone copy the artist NFT?

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are designed to give you ownership of the very thing that cannot easily be copied: art you created. To put it in terms of life before digital technology: anyone can own a Monet print, but only one person can collect the original.

Who owns copywrites of NFT?

The creator holds the full IP rights for a work of art, but some of those rights are usually granted or transferred to a prospective purchaser. Purchasing an NFT is advantageous because all rights transactions are considered fair on the blockchain.

What Does NFT give you?

The NFTs let the owner of something limited or collection access fans directly. … Owning a work does not automatically mean you’re allowed to display it in public. It does not also give you the right to litigate for copyright infringement if someone reproduces the image in the work without approval.

Why would anyone buy an NFT?

NFTs are popular because they provide an uncommon quality. Artists publicize their limited edition NFTs, and consumers are willing to pay more for them. Additionally, many of the items referred to as NFTs are uncommon in and of themselves.

On which marketplace did Yuvraj Singh NFT collection launch?Where to buy Yuvraj Singh NFT?

On Colexion Market place where Yuvraj Singh NFT first of the kindNFT is launched by Yuvraj Singh

Which is the first Yuvraj Singh’s NFT?

That Cricket Bat by which Yuvraj Score his first century is Yuvraj Singhs first NFT

Whose bat sent to space?

Indian Cricketer’s Yuvraj Singh’s bat was sent to space for first of Indian cricketer to launch NFT

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Yuvraj Singh NFT Collection out for fans Yuvaraj Singh NFT Collection Launched
Yuvraj Singh NFT Collection out for fans Yuvaraj Singh NFT Collection Launched