Yuvraj Singhs NFT Collection Launched

This is the first time Singh will be launching the first of the kind of NFT in the digital world. 

Yuvraj Singh First NFT is his Cricket bat by which he had made century for India Sunil Gavaskar Was first to Launch NFT

What is NFT?

Non Fungible Token.The NFT can be associated with a particular digital asset  and a license to use the asset for a specified purpose.

Green Star

Where is Yuvraj Singh Collection available?

Colexion is the marketplace where Yuvraj Singh has launched his first NFT Bat from space

Yuvraj Singh has Lauched NFT from Space

Yuvraj Singh First NFT bat is launched at altitude 34489M external temperature -59 degree atmospheric pressure 0.4 KPA

Yuvraj Singh has launched  first NFT for hungry fans. NFT is the piece of work that  can  be transferred with ownership to a fan .It is a digital Assets