NFT Launched

Yuvraj Singh NFT launched from Space

NFT available for fans out know check it out NFT Collection

He has teamed up with Colexion to launch his first of the kind of collectable NFT for his fans and create new initiatives aimed at young people.

What is  meaning of NFT ?

NFT means a Non-fungible token. A unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain is.NFTs are  photos, videos,  NFTs it provide a public certificate

Why Yuvraj Singhs NFT is Special for Fans?

Yuvraj Singhs NFT  is Its his first century cricket bat Autograph by Yuvraj Singh Its Special premium NFT every collectors dream now out in fan to grab it

Yuvraj Singhs first NFT is launched as premium NFT on Colexion NFT marketplace. It is available for fans  Now to add to there collection

Yuvraj Singh First NFT bat is launched in space at altitude 34489M external temperature -59 degree atmospheric pressure 0.4 KPA

Want to know more details about  Yuvraj Singh's NFT,Yuvraj Singh's NFT Collection check out the article click link below