Winamp will auction off the media player's original skin as a one-of-one NFT on OpenSea, with bidding to start on May 16 and run until May 22.

winamp, the media player will be sold as the original 1997 graphics skin NFT. once indispensable winamp was hero of an era.

Winamp is asking artists to submit their Winamp-based work between now and April 15. It then gives 20 percent of the revenue from each sale made as NFT

Artists will receive 10 percent of royalties on subsequent sales, for which the seller will set their own price. Recipients will have the right to “copy, reproduce, and view” the image, but not the copyright

Likewise, selected artists will agree to transfer all intellectual property of their work to Winamp, per one page terms and conditions

Winamp isn’t exactly the service you might remember from the 90s. The MP3 playback software was bought by AOL in 1999, then sold to online radio company Radionomy in 2014 after a long decline and shutdown

There is also a long-running community update project for the original app. However, there is a stronger connection between the current form of Winamp and the original than some crypto projects

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