Visa, Inc. (V), the world's largest payment company, launched a Creator Program for entrepreneurs in the music industry, fashion, and film to receive financial backing in app development.

NFT immersion Program is for 1 year.NFTs contribute to the growth of the creator economy by encouraging the development of small businesses, Visa's head of crypto, -Cuy Sheffield.

By launching the Creator Program, Visa aims to give these small companies modest but vital advantages for conducting meaningful commerce in the digital sphere.

NFT  Program is on Focusing on technical advice and mentorship, community building, exposure to Visa clients and partners, and perks and benefits, it is a one-year immersion into the world of NFTs.

In today’s world, the creator economy is estimated to supply over $100 billion in business. This data was retrieved from  Influencer Marketing Hub.Visa had already brought Crypto Punk in 2021

A participant from Creator Program is the first former Major League Baseball second baseman, Micah Johnson, who has submitted his crypto asset character, Aku, to the Creator Program.

Visa intends to support its artists as it initiates the NFT Program as it considers art to be a new form of e-commerce.

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