A baseball team based in the US named Atlanta Braves released a new limited edition burger priced at $25,000.

This burger is real. Known as the "World Champions Burger" and it has gone viral among the burger lovers on twitter.

 The expensive burger is part of 2022 food selection for fans, & it has many burger lovers on twitter.

According to Fox, the Atlanta Braves burger is topped with half-pound quantity Wagyu meat which is a spacial meat.

 Custom-made Irish Brioche buns are used in the burger that is topped with pan-fried eggs and different spieces

 Foie gras crowned with gold leaf, grilled lobster tail, tomato, lettuce, delicate cheddar cheese, and truffle aioli.

 It features even more of parmesan waffle fries, as well as a special first-season World Series ring.