TikTok star Michael Le aka justmaiko has the 15th biggest following on the app with 51.5 million followers.Launched NFT collection

In 2022, Michael Le has net worth $4 million. As one of the top content creators in the world, he is also known by some as an American social media personality and YouTube star.

debut NFT collection – ‘Shluv Pals’. This collection consists of 5 characters that mirror Michael’s characteristics and values.

Michael Le's work, Never Forgotten Tokens (NFTs), consists of 5 characters. The work is called Vert, and represents the discovery of self-love, to love oneself blindly.

Slump Skully represents your inner child; Huddy Hacker represents the ability to connect the love of technology and people together on a larger scale, becoming a bridge for Web3.0.

Shluvby Baggins represents unfaltering determination for success and wealth to provide for self and loved ones. Further, Hangry Hiro represents love for animals 

Shluv Pals is the first layer of a platform being built by Michael Le – his world aims to entertain, educate and empower young children by connecting them with their own imaginations.

The 22-year-old from Florida, Mr. Ortega, started TikTok after years of his passion for dance and choreography. He performs dances since the age of four