Zerocool is partnering with Gary Vaynerchuk and his NFT Project, VeeFriends, to launch their first trading card set through a direct-to-consumer, blind Dutch auction.

Fanatics Collectibles, a subsidiary of Fanatics, has announced the launch of Zerocool, the first trading card brand for the world’s most important people, IP and brands across pop culture, art and entertainment.

The brand’s first release is a highly limited, collectible trading card set based on the NFT project of Gary Vaynerchuk, chief executive officer and creator, VeeFriends, which will be sold as a blind Dutch auction

Trading cards have historically been centered around sports, yet athletes are a tiny fraction of society,” says Josh Luber, co-founder, chief vision officer

Fanatics Collectibles. “Musicians, designers, artists, entrepreneurs, politicians, philanthropists, educators and more (including the brands, companies, organizations and IP they’ve created)

Zerocool was created on the belief that ‘fans’ are fans for life, and that life is more than what happens on the playing field. It’s also what made Fanatics Collectibles the perfect company to birth the brand

The Zerocool x VeeFriends trading card set brings the VeeFriends NFT collection to physical form through a premium product for collectors and the passionate VeeFriends community. 

All characters in the collection are the original art from the VeeFriends NFTs, with the color parallel structure mimicking the NFTs parallel structure

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