Real-World Conflict Hits the Virtual World, Metaverse

War between Russia & Ukraine  Hits the Virtual World,  Metaverse

War has impacted  Whole  world Metaverse,NFT,Crypto & stock markets around the world is no exception

War impacted the Metaverse

Google Trends  Search for Metaverse & NFT is in downward Trends in March 

Now Big Question is What is Happening to Metaverse ?

Lets Check it out what kind of development are around for Metaverse

J P Morgan is the first biggest bank to enter in to metaverse world and has created Onyx lounge  for customer with animated tiger around

Meta intends to spend the next 5 to 10 years creating an virtual environment that includes fragrance, touch, and sound to allow users to lose themselves in virtual reality

Facebook formerly re-branded them to META is silently building the Metaverse. Other Major players includes Microsoft,Apple, Disney,Google others

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