Entrepreneur, Advocate, OG Crypto Queen  Lover of the Digital Art Space, Avid NFT Collector, Citizen and Icon of the Metaverse


She stayed ahead of the curve with 65 million followers across social media, 19 product lines, $4 billion in revenue, and now launching her  NFT

From Reality TV To NFTs: Paris Hilton has traveled successful path even experimenting with NFT launches 

She enter into metaverse world with her avatar genies & Decentraland earlier this year she was named alongside Camilla Cabello and Priyanka Chopra as a portion of a $65 million funding

Hilton was ready to go with her first NFT which sold for over $1.11M After experimenting and with whopping success in NFT she launched NFT collection

Paris Hilton is investing in NFT platform Origin Protocol This investment shows her love for NFT, Metaverse

Paris Hiltons NFT Collection available at nft.parishilton.com opensea.io decentraland.com

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