Activity in the digital asset space around the NBA continues to grow, with the latest virtual ticket sale in honor of the recipients of the 2022 playoffs.

Last week, the NBA took a bigger step into web3 with the launch of NBAxNFT, the official NBA Discord.

NFTs and sports investment have been pushing recently, resulting in an expansion in sponsorship deals

For both sports and virtual worlds, digital assets and virtual spaces can help drive fan engagement.

While there are multiple majors for athletes, the NBA is focused particularly to the field of digital assets.

NBA will launch its new Ethereum (ETH) based NFT collection, titled The Association.The NBA Top Shot NFT Marketplace Gets Strong NBA Support


Each player for in the NBA playoffs in 2022 will be rewarded with 75 NFTs. That totals 18,000 NFTs.

The Association is a collection of dynamic NFTs that change in appearance over time based on team and player on-court performance