One of the more fun and addicting things to do in the metaverse is Metaverse shopping.

 8 Metaverse shopping  Options  available now

Green Handbag


Gucci is already using the metaverse in 2022. This year, Gucci partnered with Roblox, selling a variety of Gucci-signature items on the Roblox platform.


Kim Kardashian wore an all-black Balenciaga outfit to the Met Gala. Her outfit generated a lot of online conversation.

Nike has partnered with Roblox to develop a virtual world called Nikeland.It is building nikeland on Roblox platform.

H&M’, one of the world’s best-known clothing retailers, H&M is the second-largest clothing brand in the world.

Wendy’s imagined its brand’s “fresh, never frozen beef” and earned itself a new opportunity to advertise through its Twitch live stream.

Coca-Cola launched a collectible token collection that earned $575,000 in a reverse auction.Coca-Cola auctioned four multi-sensory, friendship-inspired NFTs through the OpenSea marketplace .

Burberry is aiming to cater to its customers with an augmented-reality experience similar to the real world

Louis Vuitton’s fashion brand developed the Louis Game, a video game that combines its grandeur, innovation, and NFT art..