Metaverse could be Advertisers paradise when it will hit main stream-Huge Marketing economy

Advertising has become an essential part of our lives and it plays a significant role in our economy

According to report  released by J.P Morgan, Metaverse is 1$ trillion  opportunity,Marketing is biggest segment in metaverse economy

When more user enters Metaverse ,social influencers and brand advertiser will follow automatically.There is huge scope for marketing in Metaverse

We are already witnessing the craze for metaverse among the people, as it get mature we will see many advertisers in metaverse world

Advertisement helps businesses to grow and expand their reach, which in turn creates jobs and boosts the economy.

Business - for marketing of product and services. Artist:- NFT  Marketing can be done to sell piece of ART in the metaverse world

Metaverse Marketing will help