American supermodel, author has launched her own NFT, "Buying Myself Back: A Model for Redistribution

Emily Ratajkowski

The supermodel reclaimed her controversial photograph by gaining control over her own image after artist Richard Prince put the model's image on canvas, which she purchased from Prince for $81,000.

She photographed herself in front of the canvas. The digital image file was sold for $140,000 as an NFT

Instead of cash-based currency, NFTs are purchased using cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum, and the transactions are permanently recorded on the respective currency’s blockchain, which functions like a ledger.

Ratajkowski has used the platform OpenSea to add her NFT to the Ethereum blockchain, but her NFT had been for sale in U.S. dollars, and the fund transfered “off-chain

Emily Ratajkowski is among few Hollywood celebrities who is early adopters in NFT space

Appart  from Emily Ratajkowski,other hollywood stars who are into NFT space are Paris Hilton,Lindsay Lohan,Snoop Dogg,Kings of Leon are few of them

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