Duke Basketball NFTs launched on OneOf. For those who don’t know, OneOf is an NFT marketplace with two main focuses. Firstly, it aims to cater to fans

Secondly is its dedication to using environmentally sustainable blockchains to create a better experience for creators and collectors

Duke Basketball NFTs, OneOf couldn’t have found a better partnership to kick off its entry into US college sports

These NFTs also immortalize a huge milestone in the farewell season of one of the greatest coaches in American sports history.

In his four decades at Duke University, Coach K has won 1,123 games. This is the most among college basketball coaches all time. These wins have translated to a heap of title wins.

The Duke Basketball NFTs sold out in barely two hours.NFT platform OneOf has just launched a special collection of Duke the final home game of legendary coach, Mike Krzyzewski.

Duke Basketball NFTs may be a first of their kind. . Even so, we can be sure to see more college programs following suit as all industries continue to find their way in NFTs.

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