The legendary Punjabi pop Singer Daler Mehndi, is an Indian singer, songwriter, author & record producer. He has helped to make Bhangra popular worldwide.

He is best known for his dance songs, voice, turban and long, flowing robes. Bolo Ta Ra Ra, Mehndi's debut album, sold over 20 million copies. The album established Daler as a pop star.

Daler Mehandi won the Best Indian Male Pop Artist Award as well as Best Indian Male Artist Award.

Mehndi becomes the first Indian performer to join the list of artists who have already performed in Metaverse virtual concerts.

After some popular Hollywood names like Travis Scott, Justin Bieber, Marshmallow, and more, singer Daler Mehndi was set to perform at Metaverse virtual concert.  

After the success of the inaugural concert on PartyNite Metaverse, renowned singer Daler Mehendi buys land on the Metaverse for an undisclosed amount

Daler Mehndi Makes a Permanent Presence on PartyNite through Balle Balle Land. Balle Balle Land Marks the first land purchase on Metaverse in India.

This space will host Punjabi concerts, events and movie related activity and it will also mark the first purchase of land on Metaverse in India.


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