Renowned artist Claire Silver will be collaborating with American professional basketball team Chicago Bulls for their new NFT drop.

There's no denying that one of the biggest stars of late has been cryptocurrency, and this fact is also reflected in what we see on the Sport stage. 

Chicago Bull NFT

It appears the upcoming project will soon drop on the Coinbase NFT marketplace. The news was revealed on Twitter yesterday, April 10th .

Now that I’ve signed the contract, excited to announce I’ve been asked by the Chicago Bulls to design an NFT for their Coinbase collection,” Claire Silver

Claire Silver tweeted. “Am honored to represent AI-collaborative art while exploring the aesthetics of their iconic logo.”

Claire is famous for her works that she created in collaboration with artificial intelligence. Apart from AI, she also works with oil, acrylic, digital illustration, collage, photography, and more.

Actually, Claire Silver is not the only artist Chicago Bulls is collaborating with. Several top NFT artists have announced they have partnered with the team for their upcoming Coinbase NFT collection

Actually, this is not Chicago Bulls’ first stint with NFTs. Back in July 2021, the team dropped its first official NFT collection, called The Chicago Bulls Legacy Collection