The renowned American singer & actor Bobby Rydell was mainly a musical performer, who specialized in rock music.

 Born in Philadelphia, Bobby Rydell became a teen idol in the 1950s due to his singing & movie acting abilities.

 During the early 1960s he played the role of a teen idol. His most famous songs include "Wild One" and "Volare."

 Rydell was also well known for its portrayal of Hugo Peabody in the George Sidney-directed film adaptation of  Bye Bye Birdie  (1963)

 In July 2012, he received a kidney transplant and a liver transplant.

 By October he was back on a ship with Mr. Avalon singing, but by five months later he had cardiac bypass surgery.

 A few later performances featured charity promotions for organ donation.

 Rydell died of complications from pneumonia at a hospital in his district of his home town of Philadelphia.