The BORED-GAMES NFT project is set to bring the fun of traditional board games to the NFT space!

This project features playful cartoon art for its first NFT drop and has plans for community-driven expansion into the metaverse as the project develops.

BORED-GAMES is setting out to create fun and unique art that sets it apart from the many derivative and copycat NFTs that are currently out.

The first NFT collection will be FatBoys- a collection of 10,000 PFP-ready avatars. The FatBoys NFTs will be the key for unlocking the initial BORED-GAMES utility.

if you want to receive a special physical board game, you’ll want to pick up a FatBoys NFT once they become available.

In contrast to NFT projects that make would-be collectors jump through countless hoops just for a chance at presale access

This is important because BORED-GAMES wants to build an authentic community where people do not feel like they have to engage simply to get on a whitelist.

To explain the board game, it is called “Become The Next NFT Whale!” It functions similarly to the classic family board game, Monopoly.

Players will compete with another to see who can collect the most NFTs. People landing on your NFTs will have to pay you & you can even upgrade your NFTs to blue-chip status.

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