Microsoft Metaverse changing your way of work

It connects the physical world to the digital world that is allowing us to transcend the traditional boundaries of space and time you feel a true presences

How to Signup Microsoft Mesh

To enter the world of Microsoft Mesh you just need  Holo lense 2,and Microsoft Mesh Platform

You Just need to create your avatar on board or you can you can bring it from outside just after login to Microsoft Mesh

Login to Mesh & Create Your Avatar

Microsoft Teams & Metaverse

Main objective  of metaverse is break wall and travel from 2d to 3D world with your avatar with others which is possible with Microsoft teams

One can connect it by Sign up and log in with Microsoft official website. You can use a PC, Laptop, Mobile apple ios or android to Join Amazing Microsoft mesh meetings in Metaverse.

Your Avatar will attend the office ,solve the comolex problems in office with other avatar on the office floor and you as a person can work from home.