Mickey Mantle

Legendary Mickey mantle is  greatest player of all times.Let's check out some interesting questions asked and their answers

Who is Mickey Mantle?

Mantle spent his entire Major League Baseball career as a center fielder, right fielder, and first baseman for the New York Yankees.

Why is Mickey Mantle so famous?

Mantle was known for his energy, speed, and his everyman character. During The Mick 's tenure at center field and at bat

What is Mickey Mantle's batting average?

He had a . 298 batting average, 2,415 hits, 536 home runs, 1,509 RBIs and 1,676 runs scored. 

Which number Mickey Mantle wear?

Mickey Mantle wore Jersey No 7 through the career and his jersey was auction recently around 1 Million 

Was Mickey Mantle married?

Mantle married Merlyn Johnson (1932-2009) in Picher, Oklahoma; they had four children.

When was  Mickey Mantle rookie year?

As a rookie in the 1951 World Series, Mantle injured his right leg while chasing a fly ball. He returned to the Yankees in 1952.

When was  Mickey Mantle's last game?

When Mickey Mantle closed out his playing career at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx during the 26 September 1968

What is reason for death of Mickey Mantle?

Former New York Yankee Mickey Mantle dies of liver cancer at the age of 63.

How much did Mickey Mantle NFT fetches at auction?

1953 Mickey Mantle NFT card was auctioned off on OpenSea for $470,711 in Ethereum.