Stephen curry

Steph Curry II is an American professional basketball player for the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association.

Born in same  hospital

Some may be surprised to learn that Stephen Curry and Lebron James Coincidentally, they were also born in the same hospital, Akron General Medical Center, to be exact.

Stephen curry popcorn addict

Steph Curry not only inherited the shooting talent from his father, but he also inherited a love for popcorn. Similar to his father, 

Stephen curry golf

Steph Curry takes golf seriously. Table Top's talented assassin often takes part in golf tournaments in the offseason. 


Steph Curry's fame allows for him to maintain strong friendships with the Obamas, whenever he has the spare time. Curry enjoys playing friendly golf

stephan curry in commercial

At the age when most kids are playing video games, Steph Curry sat courtside with NBA players and starred in commercials.  he starred in a Burger King commercial 


Stephen curry married to Ayesha Curry who is Canadian actress,Business women and cook book  author

stephen curry net worth

Steph Curry owns $160 million net worth. Regarded as one of the best shooters in NBA history, Steph Curry has now become something of a phenomenon in the field of basketball.

stephen curry shoe

For every game, he writes "I can do all things" on his Under Armour sneakers. These words come from Philippians 4 13, a verse from the Bible