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Samsung Metaverse world entry is with a bang

Samsung Metaverse my house

(Samsung Metaverse, Samsung’s entry into Metaverse, What is Metaverse? What is Metaverse Ecosystem)

Samsung Metaverse: Samsung has joined the metaverse or virtual world, with its own platform known as “My House” in partnership with Naver Z’s ZEPETO. Metaverse race is on. Everyone wants to secure their place in the metaverse, many of them are investing in the Digital land, Many of them invested in building metaverse platforms, few see business in AR VR hardware devices. THE GAME IS JUST ON. Many big players have declared their entry into the metaverse and many to follow. Samsung is not developing its own metaverse from the ground up, but rather it is partnering with the Naver Zepeto metaverse platform.

What is the reason behind the craze of Metaverse?

Zuckerberg believes that the future of the Internet lies in the metaverse — he even called it the successor to the mobile web. There are lots of business opportunities for every sector in the metaverse. It is changing every aspect of our life the way we will socialize in future.

Recently Bill Gates has predicted by 2023 most of the zoom meetings will be replaced by Metaverse meetings. It means instead of looking at the screen you are on your office floor with your avatar attending the meeting face to face with other avatars.

What is metaverse?

samsung metaverse

Metaverse is a collective virtual reality (VR) universe, where you can create, share, and interact with content in ways that weren’t possible before. Metaverse is built on blockchain technology to create an “Ethereum of VR”, establishing an open platform for creators to build the world of tomorrow. Blockchain-Based Virtual Reality Platform.

Blockchain technology enables the creation of a shared information space that operates according to a set of decentralized rules.

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What is Metaverse Ecosystem?

Metaverse is an ecosystem of digital assets and digital identity, which takes blockchain technology to the next level. The project offers a fresh approach to blockchain technology by combining it with augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI). Metaverse uses these technologies in adding value to digital assets, bringing about unprecedented changes in how people live, work and play. It is safe to say that this project has not gone unnoticed.

The Blockchain & Metaverse:

The blockchain is the heart of the Metaverse system. Metaverse is a decentralized platform made up of different interconnected virtual realities. Each reality is independent of the other, creating an infinite number of possibilities for expression and exploration.

Avatar Creation & Customization:

You can create Avatar in Metaverse Avatars can be customized with clothing, hairstyles and accessories.

You may think of yourself as your own personal designer but if you haven’t yet seen the movie Avatar, this is what you are missing. The movie includes a technology called “avatar customization”, where human beings can create an avatar that looks just like them.

With My House, Samsung is connected with a virtual world of over 250 million other users.

Samsung metaverse

Samsung Metaverse has developed a virtual room with more than 250 million users worldwide. With its collaboration with Samsung, ZEPETO is bringing its own metaverse space to virtual reality through the MyHouse world map. Samsung describes it as “a place to decorate.”

Samsung’s My House metaverse will be demonstrated at CES 2022 in January. For the time being, it resembles a marketing tool, for sure, but it is bound to grow into something greater. Samsung’s My House metaverse map will be available from the ZEPETO mobile app via the Google Play Store.

Earlier this month, Samsung incorporated augmented reality technologies to promote its most recent product at the Dreamground experience in Hollywood. The company also partnered with Microsoft, presumably to create new HoloLens head-mounted displays. It does appear that Samsung has begun devoting more attention to virtual and augmented realities.

Samsung is not new to Metaverse

Samsung Electronics Co. has joined earlier to South Korea’s Metaverse Alliance established by the national government it is helping Korea’s Government to bolster its partnership in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and artificial intelligence (AI) sectors. The main objectives of the alliance are to establish an ecosystem for metaverse technologies and to create an important area for AR, VR, and XR technologies. It has also designated six leading sectors that set the date of adopting technologies to further grow the metaverse: healthcare, manufacturing, building, schooling, transportation and public safety.

Samsung Asset Managment & Metaverse

The “metaverse” is a virtual world parallel to the real world. The popularity of the future attracted investors to the most effective investment concepts. As a pioneer in the market, Samsung Asset Management was a pioneer in offering actively managed local metaverse-themed ETFs. Recently, it has resulted in the launch of the first ETF that follows the U.S. listed and U.S. domiciled organizations connected to the metaverse theme.


What is the Samsung Global Metaverse fund?

Samsung Asset Managers, South Korea’s biggest manager of company assets, has launched a fund linked to a world known as the metaverse. Both Samsung and KBs invest money in Roblox and Naver. Roblox is a gaming platform that allows users to control 3D avatars to play and create customized content in a virtual space. Naver operates ZEPETO, an augmented reality social network platform, that has become a global hit among young users.

What is Samsung’s Next Generation RAM for phones in Metaverse?

Putting aside buzzwords like metaverse, AI and 5G, Samsung is promising some real improvements to the performance of its next-generation RAM: it plans to deliver 1.3x faster processing speeds than the LPDDR5 memory that preceded it, can offer up to 64GB per chip and will consume 20% less energy. Its new 16-gigabit low power double data rate 5x (LPDDR5X) Dynamic Ram DRAM has the capacity to work under metaverse, AI environment.

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