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5 NFT Affiliate Marketing opportunities in 2023 (Top Selected offers)

NFT Affiliate Marketing

NFT Affiliate Marketing is it viable option now? I know you are looking for Making Money Online and NFT Affiliate Programs are still the way to go to make money even with this falling economy. You may have made an opinion that NFT is Bubble and is it already busted. But the reality is that the craze of NFT has gone down compared to the previous year but I was shocked to see the positive picture when I analyzed the data for the word ” NFT ” in google trends for month the of October 2022, NFT trend continued, I am not saying it is booming in the falling market but still people are searching for it. The same is the case when you analyze data for NFT for the last 90 days. It shows NFTs are going to stay and in fact, many brands are coming into the NFT space in 2022-2023

Google Trends for keyword "NFT" October 2022
Google Trends for keyword “NFT” October 2022

What is an affiliate program?

Affiliate marketing is a way to make money by promoting other companies that have programs for affiliate marketing.

A company can have affiliate marketing if they have an exclusive agreement with another company or affiliate. This agreement gives the company’s affiliates the ability to promote that company’s products or services on their website or blog and earn a percentage of sales. The more sales an affiliate makes, the more commission they may earn.

What is NFT With example? Why it is hottest thing on planet?

what is nft with examples
NFT with Example

NFT means Non-fungible Token. NFTs can represent intangible assets such as domain names, digital and non-digital collectables, and online-only assets like artwork and real-estate, in addition to conventional assets such as event tickets, peer-produced music, and avatars. Non-fungible means unique or it cant be broken. Let us take the example of $100 (Dollar Note) 10 x10 paper notes = $100, now if $10$ x $10$ = $100$ it means that they are fungible and they can be split, also, they are not unoriginal. Then what is NFT? Non-Fungible Token, (NFT) cannot be split. Take, for instance, a crypto punk NFT it’s unique and non-fungible. Now we will take a look at why NFT will be the hottest topic in 2022 and beyond. You may find fluctuations according to crypto market and other factors depends when you are reading the article, but in general

  • Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has sold his first tweet for $2.91 million as an NFT. An NFT, or non-fungible token, is a type of digital asset that is becoming increasingly popular.
  • The source code for the World Wide Web was written by Tim Berners-Lee was sold for $5.42 million at Sotheby’s in an online auction as NFT.
  • Beeple created a new digital picture each day for 5,000 days straight from 2007 to January 2021, during the course of which the piece illustrated his lifetime work.The most famous work of art ever sold by a living artist was set by the sale of this artwork, and the third most expensive NFT also originated the series of NFTs that we see today.The NFT work was sold for whopping $69 Million.

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How to get free NFT?

NFT can you make money ?

Yes With NFT you can make a lot of money with

  • NFT Affiliate Marketing Programs(By joining and promoting)
  • As NFT Creator (As a NFT Artist)

5 Best NFT Affiliate programs


opensea nft affiliate program

OpenSea NFT Market place The world’s first and largest decentralized marketplace for collectables and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). You can purchase, sell, and discover exclusive digital assets through the site.Devin Finzer and Alex Atallah established Opensea, a platform known as a place that you can explore from categories like Art, Collectibles, Digital domains, Music, Photographs, Sports, Transportation, Trading cards, Utility, and Virtual Worlds, in December 2017.OpenSea is having an Affiliate program as a partners program one need to join it. Follow these 3 steps and build your funnel.

Step 1:- Join Opensea to get your link

Step2:-Build Affiliate funnel educating (How to make money with NFT?) with funnel builder

Step 3:-Send them through your thankyou page (through your affiliate page)

You will collect your commission by educating them whenever they make purchases on the OpenSea platform. So you make money without any risk of investment in NFT even you need not have to worry about any loss or profit from that investment made in NFT.

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mint nfts co affiliate program
Mint NFTs co Affiliate Marketing Program

Mintnfts can help you transfer your creative ideas into NFTs on the Blockchain and into the Metaverse. It has an affiliate program under the name Mintnft affiliate program one can join. According to their website, they are NFT as service, complete NFT as minting as service. They mint and manage NFT with subscription plan a)Get affiliate link b)Promote it on Social media & website c)Earn commission on every sale

Affiliate Details

Commission up to $250

Cookies period 90 days

3)Ai Art shop

AI Art shop nft affiliate program
AI Art shop nft affiliate program

In a collaboration between a team of AI experts and a group of artists from the United Kingdom, AI Art Shop aims to utilize the wealth of knowledge possessed by AI researchers to advance the art.

Affiliate Details

Commission up to $15 for every successful referral

Cookies period not known


fiverr affiliate program
Fiverr NFT Affiliate gigs

The best way to promote Metaverse & NFT as an affiliate is through Fiverr. No matter how much you depend on the material or tools or you need to develop a small piece in Metaverse or to provide any services related to the metaverse, blockchain or NFT, it can be offered by means of Fiverr. Whatever you’re enthusiastic about, Fiverr likely has it. And what you can do is you can promote Fiverr’s NFT sellers Gigs as an affiliate. Whether you require gear for NFT or any services realted to metaverse or blockchain, you’ll find it readily available on Fiverr. Whatever your interests are, Fiverr normally has something you can get. And what you could do is you can promote gigs and services of Fiverr. Then you can say, “Click on the link in the description to enable someone to make a purchase you earn your commission. The First & most important thing in any kind of affiliate marketing is to register with the platform and start promoting. Here is Fiverr Affiliate program.


Udemy Affiliate Marketing Program
Udemy Affiliate Marketing Program

Udemy is an online education platform. It was set up to enable more people to access online learning. Udemy provides a platform for people to acquire learning skills, primarily through online courses. Udemy is having an affiliate program you can join it. You can select this NFT course affiliate program. You can promote any course which deals with NFT. You will receive payment for the sales of a customer for 7 days after he/she purchases from you again. If the customer makes another purchase within 7 days, the number of days begins a new count. The key to success is making each customer buy in order to increase his/her shopping spree.

Affiliate Details Affiliate Link

Commission: 20%

Cookies length: 7 days

As a Creator How can you create NFT for free?

Step 1 Join & Login Canava

As a creator you can create an NFT with Canava, Canava is the world biggest & popular platform in case you want to create any kind of art.Canava offer lots of free stuff in the account. If you go to their premium plans it will offer you more stuff. Login to canava check the requirements of the platform, check trends in NFT, go to the element section in for example you want to create NFT related to monkey type and find monkey edit text and apply your imaginations, backgrounds, elements and more. Again once your Art is created, extract it in high-quality PNG images.

Step 2 Join & Login Fiverr

You can create your NFT Gig in Fiverr platform, Fiverr is a platform for people to create and sell services and products, the creator is a freelancer here and can upload his NFT related a service as a gig.

You can make free use of websites like to create NFT


You can make free use of Royalty free images websites like


You can create your own NFT with the help of the above websites and can offer freelance services at the any of the freelance websites like:

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer and other and can make good amount of money as freelancer.

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Facts about NFTs

One:– Google trend shows a significant growth in keyword “NFT” search which shows NFT is becoming hottest topic in Jan 2022 it is showing 100 mark

Two:-Top tier media including Forbs are covering NFT related articles frequently which shows NFT’s craze is going up.

Three:-On Twitter hashtags #NFT gets about 700+/- an hour depending upon the news cycle.

Four:- Instagram are flooded with #NFT related hashtags


What is openSea Affiliate program?

OpenSea affiliate program allows to partner with them and users get a commission on every sale made through its affiliate link. One needs to join openSea partner program.

Can you get rich from affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is not getting rich quick scheme, people often fall into the trap of shiny things. Affiliate marketing is a proper business. Once you master the basics you can see a good amount of income every month, further, you can scale and then the sky is the limit, but it required proper research, effort, funds.

Is affiliate marketing still profitable in 2023?|Is affiliate marketing worth it in 2023?

Yes, affiliate marketing is proper business if it is done as a business fulfilling all the basic requirements with proper research one can make a lot of money with affiliate marketing in 2022 or beyond

What are NFT referral programs?|NFT affiliate programs?

The list of 5 NFT affiliate programs are mentioned above, and we can see many affiliate program’s in future.

Can you make money with NFT?|Can I make a profit with NFT?

Yes you can make money as an affiliate by joining and promoting NFT affiliate marketing programs and can earn commissions or can earn money by selling your gigs at Fiverr or other freelancer platforms by providing services related to NFT

How to create NFT?

Detail procedure regarding how to create NFT is mentioned above, one can easily create NFT and can earn money by selling his art.

Can I sell my art as NFT?

Off-course if you know any kind of art you can sell NFT at any NFT marketplaces

What can I sell as NFT?

One can sell original art, photo, video, music, tweets, memes, domains you can make NFT from almost anything unique which has value and can be stored digitally.

Disclaimer: This article is designed for informational purposes only. It is not a direct offer or solicitation of an offer to buy or sell, or a recommendation or endorsement of any products, services, or companies. does not provide investment, tax, legal, or accounting advice,or partner,trading. Neither the company nor the author is specifically liable in connection with any loss or damage resulting from the use of or reliance on the information provided in this publication.You should do proper research and take your independent decision.There may sometime affiliate links which will not cost you but will covers cost of running this blog.

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