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10 Metaverse Affiliate Marketing opportunities in 2023 and beyond

10-metaverse-affiliate-marketing program

Metaverse Affiliate Marketing is a new way to generate income in 2023 and beyond. You may wonder How does it work? It allows you to build your own business with an already established group of customers. With Metaverse world, you’ll never be alone. Whether it’s financial help, training, or the support of other affiliates, we will show you your lifeline to success. You’ve always dreamed of being your own boss. Let us show you how to finally make this come true, for real. Metaverse Affiliate Programs is the best way to make money online & in the metaverse. Let’s do this together.

Scope of Metaverse in Affiliate Marketing

Metaverse Affiliate Marketing

The world is becoming a global village and now participative as the metaverse will progress and your avatar will be on the floor with other avatars. Developing personal relationships with customers from across the world is no longer a thing of the past and the same will be true in the future. And thanks to the metaverse, it’s easier than ever to create strong business relationships with people from all over the world. In the online world of affiliate marketing, customers are often just a click away. Modern technology has given us more ways than ever before to reach new customers and grow our businesses. Metaverse is in the early stage now we believe that there will be immense affiliate and income generation opportunities in near future. But let’s talk about income generation opportunities available right now where you can generate income in 2022

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20 ways: How to make money in Metaverse?

The best way to access the Metaverse is with virtual reality. For that reason, you require some virtual reality gear, and a number of Metaverse virtual reality headsets are available that you could sell as an affiliate. Let us check some affiliate program

Metaverse Affiliate Programs

1 Metaverse Equipment the gateway to metaverse

Oculus – Rift S & Quest VR Headsets

Not everyone realizes Oculus has its own affiliate program. You can make a commission on sales of Oculus headsets, such as the Rift S, or Quest. Unfortunately, you won’t earn any money on VR game sales.

Affiliate Details


Commission: 3%

Cookie Length: 1 day

VR Cover – Silicon Covers for VR

Vr Cover

VR Cover sells a variety of cleaning paraphernalia for various VR headsets. Their products include replacement skins for leading device brands, including Oculus, Microsoft HoloLens, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, and Google Daydream.

With the VR Cover headgear, which is lightweight and comfortable, consumers can obtain rapid entry to an alternate world. Based in Thailand, but with a US fulfillment center, VR Cover ships to most of the US within 24 hours.

VR Headset accessories such as lenses can be obtained from VR Cover and can be ordered online for a small fee. VR Cover also has protective coverings, antibacterial wipes, and VR fan apparel for sale. Prices range from $10 to $79.

With your registration, you have access to the affiliate area. There, you will be able to generate a tracking link with your affiliate link and track the number of purchases that people make on your tracking code. You can also monitor the clicks on your VR Cover affiliate links.

Affiliate Details


Commission: 10-15%

Cookie: 30 days 

2)Make money Fiverr NFT & Metaverse Gigs

Fiverr NFT Metaverse Gig

A way that powerfully promotes Metaverse as an affiliate is with Fiverr.No matter what resources you need while you’re creating your virtual world, you’ll find they’re available with Fiverr Metaverse. No matter what you’re interested in, Fiverr likely has something for it. And what you can do is you can promote Fiverr sellers who will populate your virtual world for you. The Fiverr affiliate program allows you to promote other people to make a living in NFTs and building houses. You can become an affiliate of and market their products. You can create Metaverse avatars, create new objects, and more which can be sold at NFT Marketplaces.

Take a look at the Fiverr where I typed NFT: a surprising number are many individuals selling digital services online. You can earn an unbelievably good commission by promoting their Gigs

You can find a couple of men that understand what they are carrying out and then advertise them by creating content whether it’s YouTube videos, TikTok, or a blog.

And then you could say, “Click the link in the description to hire someone to build these things for you”, and that’s a way you can profit from the Fiverr program as a rule of thumb affiliate.

If you want to create a YouTube video but don’t feel at ease being in front of the camera like me, you can use some of the AI video makers like that allow you to generate an entire video with a single click. That’s the reason why I’m personally using this AI technology for my personal YouTube channels.

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3)Augmented Reality Video Marketing

Revealio Metaverse Affiliate Program

Revealio is an augmented reality mobile application that can overlay video content on top of physical print products. Some products that work with Revealio include business cards, banners, posters, flyers, and event invitations.AR is all the rage; Revealio is leveraging this to develop an augmented reality experience that is easy to use and affordable. It’s the perfect way to set you and your business apart from your rivals.

Virtual Reality Affiliate Program Revealio complies with industry trends for mixed reality by offering up to 40%.

Affiliate Details


Commission: 20-40%

Cookies length: Not stated

4)VR Global – VR SaaS for Businesses

Vr Global affiliate marketing

The company’s VR Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform focuses on business, hospitality, residential real estate, and mixed-use real estate use. With 3D and 360-degree content, 3D renderings, and stylized video, Virtual Reality Global covers each market’s needs.VRGlobal’s affiliate system is divided into various sections — Sales partners and agency partners. The company’s sales partner system, for people and companies that want extra income by promoting VRGlobal, is designed to be used by vendors. The firm’s agency partner system, to satisfy the demands for branding by the companies it partners with, is intended for businesses.

Affiliate Details

Commission: Not stated

Cookies length: Not stated

5)VR-Sync – 360 Degree Video Management

VR sync Affiliate Program

VR Sync gives synchronized 360-degree video playback, letting you view content on multiple devices. Users can upload the content via the dashboard and allow it to be pushed wirelessly to the headsets. A headset is available for €5 for one week of use, and the cost for one headset for one year is €80. VJ Sync also provides VR Sync for a week free of cost.

VR Sync offers a great affiliate payout and cookie length to its marketers. Users can select strategies that enable them to dynamically upload content to a variety of devices at once. In addition, there is a free trial period.

Affiliate Details

Url Link

Commission: 30%

Cookie: 60 days  

6)Unity – AR and VR Development

Unity affiliate program

Unity is a game development platform that allows you to create games, apps, and experiences for both 2D and 3D. Algorithms for augmented reality and virtual reality systems can also be developed using Unity. The globe’s most popular platform for such games is Unity.

The Unity engine is completely integrated with our site and can be downloaded at any time. Anyone can have a stand-alone game development engine installed in no time. One nice thing is that commission money is available both on Unity Pro subscriptions and on items available through the Unity Asset Store. Compared to other VR programs, Unity is very popular; it offers one of the best affiliate programs.

Affiliate Details

Commission: Commission varies depending on the product sold. Example Commissions:

  • Unity Plus: $17.50 per subscription
  • Unity Pro: $62.50 per subscription
  • Asset Store: 5% commission

Cookies length: 90 days

7)Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms

Exchange websites including Binance and Coinbase may be recommended as the next best place to expand your coin market investments. Binance is the largest market around for Decentraland currencies, and so you make a great deal of money by helping people buy, sell, and trade it.

So if you convert digital assets to cryptocurrency, you could use that to profit by teaching people in the Metaverse how to buy, sell, and trade in it. Another option is to convert digital currency into cryptocurrency in order to promote There are several alternatives that enable affiliates to enter the cryptocurrency marketplace: as the age of cryptocurrency enthusiasts rises, people are becoming increasingly interested in buying cryptocurrencies. Connecting with such individuals through an affiliate network is a chance.

They’re trying to buy real estate within Decentraland or Sandbox. They need to convert their currency into cryptocurrency and could promote Binance as a means to do that and that’s a way to acquire huge income as an affiliate.

8)Cryptocurrency Wallets

Ledger Affiliate

You may have heard stories where individuals have lost the code for their digital wallets and wind up losing out on millions of dollars. You might be mindful of the accounts where numerous bitcoins have been lost. If you want to avoid losing a digital asset, make sure to store your cryptocurrency in physical wallets which are more secure than digital ones.

This is the next opportunity for affiliate marketers because there are many cryptocurrency wallets you could promote, such as Ledger, which has an affiliate system. It’s more secure than utilizing something like Binance or Coinbase, so you may promote tricky wallets as well. And because the Metaverse is still mostly fresh, having billions of new users will get there soon and they are mainly just unaware, if you’re teaching them this material, such as how to keep their cryptocurrencies on the Metaverse, there is an opportunity to make money from it.

9)Hosting Affiliate Program

You can promote hosting services many of the hosting companies offer affiliate commissions. People can start blogs, websites regarding metaverse and technology and there will be demand for hosting companies.No doubt web 3.0 is coming but these hosting companies may still find their way out. As a user, you can earn a good amount of commission by promoting some of the best hosting companies

what I recommended is Bluehost. Bluehost has many plans according to your budget especially if you are starting out or even if you are an expert blogger.

10)Udemy – AR and VR Training Courses

Metaverse Affiliate Marketing
Udemy Affiliate marketing

Udemy is an online learning platform. It was created to help spread online learning to people who would not otherwise have the opportunity. Udemy provides a platform for people to learn new skill sets, primarily through online courses. When you’re a teacher, you can upload your Metaverse, VR and AR courses to the platform and create your own profile. Each time you sell one of your lessons, you receive a portion of the revenue. Udemy might make you think it isn’t a significant VR affiliate program, however, it compensates for high commissions for sales and offers a lot of mixed reality video content. You will receive a commission on the sales for 7 days after a customer purchases. The number of days resets if the customer purchases again within 7 days. The key to success is to ensure that each customer has an extended period in which to click.

Affiliate Details 

Commission: 20%

Cookies length: 7 days

Is Affiliate Marketing profitable in 2023?

Yes every business required sales, as a result, they want affiliates to work as partners with them so affiliate Marketing is going to stay even in the metaverse world, web 3.0 or beyond now affiliate marketing is not a quick-rich scheme it’s a proper business and if you take proper steps, & invest your time, money, and efforts as like other online business you can become profitable over the long term.

Can I do affiliate marketing in the metaverse?

Yes, there are lots are platforms offering affiliate partnerships on their website few of the opportunities are mentioned above.

How do i start affiliate marketing?

1. Find Affiliates programs read their terms and join them
2. Once they approve you can choose from offers available to promote.
3. Check out the commission for the product
4. Obtain a link (affiliate) so you can promote
5. Cross-check what is allowed and what is not as per their terms
6. Promote their link on blog, social media,
7. Earn your commissions once someone purchases through your unique affiliate link

What are the best Metaverse affiliates Programs?

Best metaverse programs are available in the metaverse equipment, such as AR, VR, metaverse platforms that offer affiliates opportunities. Few of the affiliates programs are listed above. Lots of affiliates programs will come up as metaverse and technology grow further.

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