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Incredible Cristiano Ronaldo Binance Partnership for NFT push

Cristiano Ronaldo Binance Partnership

Dear football fans what started out as a rumor has now become a reality. Cristiano Ronaldo is now partnering with Binance, one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges, to promote nonfungible tokens(NFTs). Cristiano Ronaldo Binance’s partnership will attract users to invest in real-world assets using cryptocurrencies.

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  • NFT is a new digital asset that uses blockchain technology to enable trustless transactions and eliminate intermediaries.
  • Binance entered into a partnership with Cristiano Ronaldo for NFT push and to ramp up its efforts to become the world’s leading blockchain and digital asset exchange.
  • Ronaldo is one of the most followed athletes on social media and his global reach makes him a perfect ambassador for Nft.
  • As part of the multi-year agreement, the Eurosport soccer star and Binance will create a series of NFT collections for sale on the company’s platform, the exchange company noted, with the first collection being released later in the year.

About Binance

Cristiano Ronaldo Binance NFT Partnership
Cristiano Ronaldo Binance Partnership

The world’s most popular crypto exchange Binance stated that the star is now on an exclusive multi-year NFT partnership. Does this mean that CR7 NFTs will soon appear? Let’s discuss what is going on in the world of NFTs

Binance is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, more accurately accounting for a financial exchange volume of about $7.7 billion in 2021. It was founded in 2017 by Changpeng Zhao, who previously held leadership positions at and OKCoin.

Binance Statistics 2022

  • Binance has over $35 million users according to the company’s statistics.
  • Binance exchange platform with maximum 24-hour volume in the world on January to June 2022, approx $25 billion US dollars per day as per
  • In 2022 Binance market volume is $300 billion
  • Turkey ranks number one in case of traffic on Binance

About Cristiano Ronaldo Binance Partnership

What will the new partnership mean?

  • Cristiano Ronaldo to launch various NFT football collection
  • Binance has partnered with Cristiano Ronaldo for an exclusive NFT collection which will be available on Binance Marketplace
  • The first NFT Collection is to release this year latter.

Check out what Ronaldo released through a video on social media earlier today. Notably, Ronaldo, the world’s best soccer player, has an extensive following on the world wide web. To illustrate, his Tweets and Instagram stories carry a mind-blowing 560 million followers.

On the other hand, the video, which currently has 5.7 million views on Instagram and 2.8 million on Twitter till writing this article, which shows how influential Cristiano Ronaldo can be for Binance as the national brand enters this partnership with him. Crucially, the video itself contains very little information. In it, Ronaldo tells his fans that he, Binance, will change the NFT game and take football to a whole new level. This is just the beginning. Video brings excitement among fans about what Cristiano Ronaldo & Binance has to offer to them.

In a separate announcement, Binance has announced that this partnership is an exclusive multi-year arrangement based on NFTs. It also indicated that this is your chance to own an iconic piece of sports history and become a part of CR7’s Web3 community.

Although Ronaldo is one of the most popular entertainers on the planet, it’s also extremely significant to him that he could enter the NFT space thanks to Binance. Ronaldo is not the sole sports professional to enter the NFT space. Lionel Messi leads the race.

On the whole, the news of Cristiano Ronaldo’s partnership with Binance should excite both the Binance community and the general NFT and crypto markets. And looking at the response to the announcement is it fair to say that Ronaldo followers are excited by the opportunity.

Fans’ Reaction to Cristiano Ronaldo Binance Partnership

Most of the fans on social media have reacted positively to the news. Many have said that this will increase the mass adoption of NFTs gradually. They’ve been waiting for more positivity during the current bear market. It also shows how popular Cristiano Ronaldo is in the US and around the globe. Again there is always a mad rush in collectors, fans may it be sports cards, memorabilia, or in rare sports NFTs auctioned recently.


What is Binance for?

Binance is an online cryptocurrency exchange where users can trade crypto assets. It supports most often traded crypto assets. Binance lets users run their supported crypto by providing them with a crypto wallet.

What is Cristiano Ronaldo and Binance’s partnership about?

Binance entered into a partnership with Cristiano Ronaldo for the promotion of its NFT push and to increase its efforts to become the world’s top blockchain and digital asset exchange.


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