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Cool Pfp and Best NFT Avatar Collections in 2023

cool pfp and best nft avatar collection

Collecting avatars is a popular activity on social media websites ”Cool pfp” . For many users, finding the perfect avatar is a way to express their personality and interests. There are many different ways to collect avatars, but one of the most popular methods is through profile pictures (Cool pfp).Last year, the growing popularity of NFT avatar projects continued. NFT avatars, featuring the likeness of an individual, function as cool profile photos. Most NFT avatar projects are generative, which means they automatically grant holders access to an exclusive community.

For all of these reasons, and more, Cool PFPs have developed into a status symbol among the wider NFT community. In reality, the greater part of the general population considers cool PFPs as the digital face of their identity. After all, who would not want to show off their particular BAYC or WOW NFT in all its gorgeousness? What’s more, some NFTs have even sold for an immense amount of money. Now, hundreds of avatar projects are being unveiled across Minecraft each day.

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The Big 5 Mascots: Meet the top blue-chip NFT avatar collections.

1 Bored Ape Yacht Club

Cool pfp and Best NFT avatar collection
(credit BAYC)
  • Collection size: 10,000
  • Current floor: 73.5 ETH
  • OpenSea trade volume: 417,000 ETH

The stood for BoredPunks Yacht Club (BAYC) is the largest competitor to CryptoPunks and possesses a supracult popularity in the NF community. They still challenged CryptoPunks in December 2021 and still do with a lot of ups and downs. In fact, when the team turned in early 2021, the backlog cryptocurrency traded for merely 0.08 ETH. Thus, from the bottom of the publication, the mill established by the Yacht Club developed into a solid village and boasts an increasing fan base of celebs (in 2021).(Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg, Jimmy Fallon, and more)

The most prominent difference is between BAYC and CryptoPunks: BAYC offers its members far more benefits, including access to virtual worlds, the observer-influenced metaverse, an area in the virtual universe called “The Bathroom,” and several secondary products, including Bored Ape Kennel Club and Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC), each of which have a combined market capitalization of approximately 256,000 ETH and a trading floor of at approximately 14.8 ETH.

2 CryptoPunks – NFT avatars

 Cool pfp and Best NFT avatar collection, cryptopunks
Credit CrytoPunks
  • Collection size: 10,000
  • Current floor: 66.3 ETH 
  • OpenSea trade volume: 854,900 ETH

Established in June 2017 by Larva Labs, CryptoPunks is one of the first generative NFT collections in the space. The collection of 10,000 NFTs features pixelated humans, apes, zombies, and aliens. To be honest, CryptoPunks set the standard for NFT projects that followed, and still enjoy a canonical position within the field.

Many of these have sold for millions of dollars—the highest recent sale of CryptoPunk #5822 being for $23 million. The lowest-priced CryptoPunk will cost you about $182,000.

3. World of Women – meet the WOW female NFT avatars

 Cool pfp and Best NFT avatar collection wow world of women
Credits WOW
  • Collection size: 10,000 
  • Current floor: 7.2 ETH
  • OpenSea trade volume: 55,800 ETH

World of Women (WoW) is one of the first premium NFT mainstream avatars available. Founded in July of 2021, WoW has quickly become a landmark in the world of NFT. It is one of the few hoaxers that feature varied female avatars—something sorely lacking in a wide variety of NFT platforms.

The 10K roster topped the sales charts, as Reese Witherspoon, Eva Longoria, and other big-name celebrities endorsed the collection. It also regularly donates to women’s rights-focused organisations and organisations that are dedicated to environmental sustainability. In addition to this, WoW helps support one-of-one crypto artists by providing-shirt sponsorship through the WoW Fund.

4 Cool Cats

 Cool pfp and Best NFT avatar collection cool cats
Credits cool cats
  • Collection size: 9,999
  • Current floor: 6.67 ETH 
  • OpenSea trade volume: 90,100 ETH

Cool Cats is yet another blue-chip Cool PFP NFT project to keep tabs on. These randomly generated NFTs hit the Ethereum blockchain in July 2021. Each NFT in the set is unique with unique attributes such as body shape, accessory, face, and art work. Equipped with bold and outstanding artwork, Cool Cats is known for drawing a wide audience.

Their most recent partnership has been with TIME and GHXSTS; in addition, they’ve begun Cool Pets—companions to Cool Cats. They are also building Cooltopia, a platform for video game-styled gamified ecosystems.

5 Doodles 

 Cool pfp and Best NFT avatar collection doodle
Credit Doodle
  • Collection size: 10,000
  • Current floor: 9.49 ETH
  • OpenSea trade volume: 87,400 ETH

Overall, Doodles is both a more recent and more well-known NFT brand enjoying blue-chip status. Doodles was first introduced last October, featuring line-drawn characters and pastel-colored figures. The 10,000 NFT sets contain humans, cats, aliens, pickles, and everything in between.

Doodles is relatively new and more well-known than other NFT brands. Since it was first launched to commemorate the grand old age of fifteen, Doodles promotes line art and medium pastel tones. The 10,000 NFT theme packs include human, cat, alien, pickle, and everything in between.

In addition to the team’s expertise, other factors helped in the collection’s expansion. Furthermore, the list of artists along with their individuality is considered a contributing factor. Lately, they also introduced a second collection – Space Doodles, for all the current owners of seasons and bundle codes.

Top Cool PFP projects for 2 to 10 ETH


Credit Cyberkongz
Credit Cyberkongz
  • Collection size: 5,000
  • Current floor: 6.8 ETH
  • OpenSea trade volume: 51,900 ETH

CyberKongz has established itself in the area as more than just a mere NFT avatar project. It began as an origin compilation of 1,000 CyberKongz in March 2021. Shortly afterward, they released 4,000 Baby CyberKongz. But it was the launch of CyberKongz VX NFTs that put the spotlight on the project. The 3D Voxel collection of 15,000 models serves as playable NFTs in CyberKongz’s VX environment.


Credit Dead fellaz
Credit Dead fellaz
  • Collection size: 10,000
  • Current floor: 2.02 ETH
  • OpenSea trade volume: 24,200 ETH

Launched in August 2021, DeadFellaz is one of the top undead-themed Potential Future Projects. The collection of 10,000 green-colored cartoon zombies is generated by over 300 traits. Due to the team’s efforts to give back to the community, the project became incredibly popular in the space. In addition, the cool potential world game has its own ERC-20 token, called DEADFELLAZ20 and a “Deadzone Token Contribution Plan.”

Gutter Cat Gang

Credit Gutter Cat Gang
Credit Gutter Cat Gang
  • Collection size: 3,000
  • Current floor: 5.3 ETH
  • OpenSea trade volume: 19,500 ETH

“It’s another cool PFP in Gutter Cat Gang. The 3,000 NFTs have been very popular. The project then moved on to manufacture other secondary series, including Gutter Rats, Gutter Dogs, and Gutter Pigeons. All the subsequent collections are limited to an allocation of 3,000 NFTs. And since the project has grown into such a strong followership, it’s been popular for all sorts of events, even cosplay! “

Best NFT avatars you can get under 2 ETH


Credit Sup ducks
Credit Sup ducks
  • Collection size: 10,000
  • Current floor: 1.1 ETH
  • OpenSea trade volume: 22,600 ETH

Last July, a was made by Latin American NFT artist Franky Aguilar, SupDucks sold out in under 48 hours. 10,000 unique avatars are made from hand-drawn features such as eyes, mouths, skins, backgrounds, clothing, and hats. The simple and unique art were well-received and immediately succeeded by the NFT community. The SupDucks team focused their efforts on community building.


  •  Collection size: 10,000
  • Current floor: 0.59 ETH
  • OpenSea trade volume: 12,900 ETH

CryptoMories is a collection of 10,000 adorable, humanlike skeletons. CryptoMories derives its name from the Latin saying “memento mori,” which means “remember you die.”

Other virtual character NFT projects have a clear roadmap, but CryptoMories is not one of them. CryptoMories is a specialized part of the iwwon NFT project, which started in 2018 by artist iwwon. In the future, iwwon’s intention is to “provide something new and imaginative” to the NFT market.

Mfers – NFT avatars from Sartoshi

mfers nft
Credit Mfers
  • Collection size: 10,021
  • Current floor: 1.98 ETH
  • OpenSea trade volume: 25,600 ETH

Mfers is based on the words “art” and “Satoshi.” The collection of 10,021 stick-figure NFTs was created entirely from Sartoshi’s hand-drawn drawings. Of course, the Mfers collection too reflects meme culture. The NFTs dropped November 2018 and blew away fans with their energetic dances and amazing music, satisfying a million digital buyers in eight seconds.

When it comes to NFT avatars, you have a lot of choices. But whatever cool PFP you ultimately choose, it is necessary for you to do some personal research ahead of time. Remember, NFTs are speculative assets with market risks.


How do I make cool pfp?

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What are the best NFT projects 2023?

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Why are NFT avatars so popular?

One of the main reasons Avatar NFTs became popular is that people can incorporate their visual social media profile picture onto the new NFT they got. It created a massive networking effect in the place — social media. Profile images have become one of the best places for people to express their personality subtly, since Facebook, WhatsApp now enables users to share an image with their head.

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