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5 Best AR Games In 2023 (Addictive)

AR is the next big thing. Here are the Best 5 AR games in 2023 There are many AR games coming out soon. I was skeptical about augmented reality games at first. But after playing these top AR Games, I’m a true believer. Thanks to the integration of blockchain technology, computer games not only offer NFTs but also crypto and a variety of other opportunities. Today, we will look at AR games that use blockchain technology, and we will identify the best AR games to play in 2023. We’ve made a list of our top 5 favorites.

What are Blockchain AR Games?

AR game titles only include AR technological innovation. To put this very simply, great 3D-rendered games integrate visual and audio elements in an effort to better immerse players within their games, which sets them apart from the pack. Lots of people think AR gaming is the future of gaming, largely because of this technology’s capacity to bring games out of a 2D setting to an immersive 3D one.

AR games started getting recognized in the past 10 years with the mainstreaming of games such as Pokemon GO. Now, with the involvement of cryptocurrencies, AR games are more in demand than ever. Players can now own, buy, and sell in-game items and even earn while playing.

What are the 5 Best AR Games In 2023?


Best AR Games Wizardia

Wizardia is a role-playing fantasy game set in a post-apocalyptic world that allows players to acquire wizards and battle other players in the arena. It has features of both a turn-based battler game and a game that lets you acquire and respond to other players. Additionally, the game offers PVE and PVP gaming modes. It also provides a wealth of investment opportunities, including ICO purchases and additional equity in squads. Notably, the aesthetic style of the game is highly reminiscent of a fusion of dark fantasy and science-fiction settings. The immersive setting makes for even more immersive entertainment.


5 best AR Games Realm

Realm is an open, cross-chain project that enables players to express themselves in an immersive, play-to-earn metaverse. Essentially, Realm is an impromptu, microverse-building community that allows users to customize their microverse by adding art, music, and games. Furthermore, play games, gather NFTs, explore exhibitions, and engage with other players.

As is typical with NFT augmented-reality games, each asset in Realm is an NFT. Notably, players mint NFTs on chains, including Layer 2 Polygon, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and the Reef Chain. The game also offers its own utility token, $REALM, which is available on PancakeSwap, Uniswap, Bitrue, and LATOKEN.

Arcona X-Reality Universe

Best AR Games Arcona X-Reality Universe
Credits:Arcona X-Reality Universe

Arcona claims to be the world’s first platform to deliver AR Cloud access worldwide. In reality, it merges the functions of AR, high-energy simulation, vision AI, and blockchain. To its core lies the X Reality metaverse, which combines the real and virtual worlds.

A peer-to-peer network, the metaverse offers physical and digital properties, such as an augmented reality of the earth. It uses SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) to automatically create a replica of the world on a global scale. For reference, it is a virtual globe of the earth, with each position linked to a real location.

When you purchase a parcel of Digital Land, you receive a fully-functional, interactive virtual version of an actual place. For example, in Brooklyn, you can run an interactive event on a parcel of Digital Land adjacent to Times Square, New York.

Polka City

Best AR games Polka City
Credit:Polka City

Touting Polka City as the world’s first augmented reality NFT multi-chain social platform and video game, it is available on both Ethereum and BSC. Essentially, the game allows players to invest in virtual assets in the form of a virtual city. NFTs in the game range from ATMs to Bugattis and Hotel to Car Wash, and the more you buy, the better your in-game assets.

Polka City will be a culture of collaboration rather than competition, which will bring a diverse and educated community and team, the project website explains. Currently, the game is in Beta and the full version will be launched in Q3 2022.


Bset AR games ,dogemon
Credit :Dogemon

Dogemon is a play-to-earn, walk-to-earn mobile game and metaverse. The game’s gameplay is straightforward: Find, capture, train, and battle virtual pets known as Dogemons. You can make your own 3D avatars in the game. You can also own land in the metaverse, be a landlord, and earn while allowing others to play the game on your land. Alternatively, known as STEPN, you can also make money by being a habitable player or by running, jogging, or walking. For this, you need to free up Rocketshoe NFTs as collateral.

The augmented reality gaming industry is on the upswing, and it’s likely we will see additional titles in the coming months. Take a look at a few games, maybe you will receive hooked on a specific one. Keep in mind to have fun and do your own due diligence before making any investment decisions.


In search of the 5 best AR games in 2022, we have found the best blockchain-based AR games till writing this article, day after day new games are coming and the list will also get increased These games provide players with an immersive and interactive experience that is unlike any other. So, if you’re looking for a new and exciting way to the game, be sure to check out one of these AR titles!

What are 5 best AR games In 2023

Polka City
Arcona X-Reality Universe
are among the 5 best AR games in 2022 till now

What is the most popular AR game now? (EPick one)

Pok mon Go is the most highly acclaimed augmented reality video game on this entire list. Because of its incredible performance, user experience, and scope, this software has taken the world by storm and was released on July 2016.

Is metaverse AR or VR?

Metaverse is a type of Augmented Reality (AR), which refers to any system in which a user adopts the function of an imaginary space. This technology would join various aspects of AR and Virtual Reality (VR). When a Metaverse app was applied to the user’s hands, vision, and ears, the space and time would appear as they would in the real world. Physical interaction would take place in such ways as audio, video, and movement.

Where to find Upcoming AR games?

You can check frequently with we try to provide all information regarding upcoming AR games.


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